What was the lewis and clark expedition book


What was the main point of the Lewis and Clark expedition?

The Lewis And Clark Expedition Begins

Their mission was to explore the unknown territory, establish trade with the Natives and affirm the sovereignty of the United States in the region. One of their goals was to find a waterway from the US to the Pacific Ocean.

What did they discover on the Lewis and Clark expedition?

Lewis and Clark’s team mapped uncharted land, rivers, and mountains. They brought back journals filled with details about Native American tribes and scientific notes about plants and animals they’d never seen before. They also brought back stories—tales that made other Americans dream about heading west.

What did they eat on the Lewis and Clark expedition?

Members of the expedition were remarkably resourceful. By the end of the journey, Lewis, Clark and the men of the expedition had eaten a wide variety of meat, fish, berries, vegetables, fruits and roots. These simple native foods ultimately fueled the most famous expedition in U.S. history.31 мая 2013 г.

Was the Lewis and Clark expedition a success?

Answer and Explanation:

The Lewis and Clark expedition was successful. The expedition set out on May 14, 1804, and made it to the Pacific Ocean in November of 1805.

What happened to Lewis and Clark’s dog?

Lewis’s dog Seaman took after them, caught one in the river, drowned & killed it and swam to shore with it.” Seaman continued to hunt in this manner until he was severely injured by a beaver in mid-May 1805. Clark wrote: “Capt. Lewis’s dog was badly bitten by a wounded beaver and was near bleeding to death.”

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What are two effects of the Lewis and Clark expedition?

Louis and Clark realized there was no water route across the Continent. It also led to the creation of maps of the area and the discovery of many plants and animals in the area. What did Jefferson want for Native Americans?

What animal did Lewis and Clark discover?

But during their 8,000-mile journey from Missouri to the Pacific Ocean and back between 1804-1806, Lewis and Clark discovered 122 animal species, including iconic American animals like the grizzly bear, coyote, prairie dog and bighorn sheep.

How did the Lewis and Clark expedition benefit the United States?

The Lewis and Clark Expedition was the first occasion for United States citizens to travel so far by river and land into the West, but it certainly wasn’t the last. Upon their return they provided detailed maps, reports about natural resources, and details about the indigenous populations they encountered.

What landforms did Lewis and Clark discover?

Landscapes. Lewis and Clark recorded their direct observations of the plains, hills, and mountains through which they passed. “…from this hight we had a most beatifull and picturesk view of the Rocky mountains which wer perfectly covered with Snow…

Did Meriwether Lewis have slaves?

Lewis and slavery

Although Lewis attempted to supervise enslaved people while running his mother’s plantation before the westward expedition, he left that post and had no valet during the expedition, unlike William Clark, who brought his slave York.

What were Lewis and Clark’s full names?

These legendary characters organized and led the Corps of Discovery on the famous Lewis & Clark Expedition.

  • Meriwether Lewis. …
  • William Clark. …
  • Thomas Jefferson. …
  • York. …
  • Sergeant Charles Floyd. …
  • Toussaint Charbonneau. …
  • Sakakawea (Sacagawea) …
  • Jean Baptiste Charbonneau (Pomp)
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How many dogs did Lewis and Clark eat?

200 dogs

Why did the Lewis and Clark expedition fail?

The expedition failed at their main goal of finding an all water route across the continent, they did however succeed in finding new information about the plants, animals, and Native Americans that were in the region so that American knowledge and culture could become greater.

How did Lewis and Clark’s expedition conclude?

The triumphant return of the Lewis and Clark expedition. After reaching the Pacific Ocean in November 1805, the corps established Fort Clatsop, near present-day Astoria, Oregon, as its winter quarters. … By the time Lewis was reunited with Clark, his leg was nearly mended. Reaching St.

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