What is the second harry potter book called


What is the name of the second book in the Harry Potter series?

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

What is the second shortest Harry Potter book?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

How many Harry Potter book are there?

seven Harry Potter books

What happens in the second book of Harry Potter?

What happens in the book: After a summer spent with the Dursleys, Harry is excited to return to Hogwarts. An unexpected visitor, the house elf Dobby, tries in vain to prevent Harry from returning to Hogwarts by getting him to illegally perform magic outside of the school.

How did Hermione die?

On April 16, Riddle sets a mountain troll made immune to sunlight on Hermione to kill her. Harry and Fred and George Weasley come help her.

Is Hermione Voldemort’s daughter?

Hermione isn’t Voldemort’s daughter. She is the daughter of “Wendell Wilkins” and “Monica Wilkins” (after she modified their memories). Delphini Riddle is Voldemort’s and Bellatrix Lestrange’s daughter.

How many words are in Harry Potter Book 2?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – 107,253 words. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – 190,637 words. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – 257,045 words. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – 168,923 words.

Which Harry Potter book is the shortest?

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Which Harry Potter is the shortest?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2

Often heralded as the best of the Harry Potter movies, it is actually the shortest of all the films and has a run time of only 2 hours and 10 minutes.11 мая 2020 г.

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Is there a Harry Potter book 8?

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a 2016 British two-part play written by Jack Thorne based on an original story by J. K. … The play is marketed as the eighth official story in the Harry Potter series.

Will there be a 9th Harry Potter book?

While Rowling won’t be giving readers a ninth Harry Potter book or more Cursed Child plays or movies, fans still have plenty of Fantastic Beasts content to look forward to. … Plus, there are more films in the series after The Crimes of Grindelwald, including the third film slated for release November 2020.

Which Harry Potter book is the longest?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

How does Harry Potter 2 start?

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets begins when Harry is spending a miserable summer with his only remaining family, the Dursleys. During a dinner party hosted by his uncle and aunt, Harry is visited by Dobby, a house-elf.

Who died in the Chamber of Secrets?

Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsCharacterKilled byDate of deathMyrtle WarrenSalazar Slytherin’s Basilisk13 June 1943Armando DippetN/A1 September 1992Rubeus Hagrid’s chickensGinevra Weasley (influenced by Tom Riddle’s Diary)31 October 1992The Serpent of SlytherinHarry Potter29 May 1993

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