What is the book out of my mind about


What is the main idea of the book out of my mind?

Acceptance is the overall biggest theme of the book. Everyone around Melody has to except her for who she is, and that isn’t always easy. Melody’s family and teachers have to learn to except her the most. Everyone around Melody has to learn to tolerate Melody because of her disorder, but some people don’t want to.

What happened in the book out of my mind?

Out of My Mind is a brilliant novel that takes the reader into the world of an amazing eleven year old girl who eventually realizes she is no different from the kids around her despite her body’s disabilities. Melody Brooks was born with cerebral palsy.

Is the book out of my mind a true story?

When Sharon Draper wrote Out of My Mind , she was not trying to replicate any person’s actual experiences, so no, it is not based on a true story. However, Draper was inspired to write the novel because she has a disabled daughter whom she believes is very bright.

How long is the book out of my mind?

The book is recommended for ages 10 and up and for grades 5-8. The story was written in first person, featuring Melody Brooks, a girl with cerebral palsy.

Out of My Mind (Draper novel)Book Cover for Out of My MindAuthorSharon M. DraperPublication date9 March 2010Media typePrint (Hardcover, Paperback), eBook, audiobookPages295

What is the message of out of my mind?

One of the themes of this book is how the general public underestimates the talents of people with differences. As Melody is not verbal and has cerebral palsy, people think she has no intellect. Even doctors, such as Dr. Hugely, think she has no mind because she can’t make herself understood to them.

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What is Melody’s disability in out of my mind?

Out of My Mind, by Sharon Draper, is a striking book about a girl named Melody Brooks who has cerebral palsy, a disease that disables you so you can’t walk, can’t control your body movements, and, most frustrating to Melody, can’t talk.

What happened to Penny in out of my mind?

Melody wishes she were normal, even though Mrs. V says that Melody is special because she’s unique. A phone call from the hospital interrupts the conversation — Penny has a broken leg and some internal injuries, but she’s going to be okay.

How old is penny in out of my mind?


What are the characters in out of my mind?

Out of My Mind Characters

  • Melody Brooks. Melody is the narrator and protagonist. …
  • Diane Brooks. Melody’s mother. …
  • Mrs. Violet Valencia (Mrs. …
  • Penny Brooks. Melody’s little sister who is eight years younger. …
  • Rose Spencer. Rose is a fifth-grade general education student at Melody’s elementary school. …
  • Mr. …
  • Catherine. …
  • Molly North.

Is there a movie for the book out of my mind?

EveryWhere Studios and the Gotham Group (“The Maze Runner”) are teaming to produce a movie based on Sharon Draper’s inspirational young adult novel “Out of My Mind.” The story centers on the journey of a young girl, wheelchair-bound and unable to communicate because of cerebral palsy, to discover her true potential.

What does Melody look like in out of my mind?

Melody is the narrator and protagonist. She is almost eleven years old and in the fifth grade at Spaulding Street Elementary School. … Melody is incredibly intelligent and loves language. One of her major frustrations is that she feels trapped in her body, unable to say all the things she is thinking.

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Who is Mrs V in out of my mind?

Violet Valencia (Mrs. V) Character Analysis. Mrs. V is Melody’s next-door neighbor, and a former nurse who worked with Melody’s mother, Diane, at the hospital.

What is the reading level of out of my mind?

Out of My MindInterest LevelReading LevelATOSGrades 4 – 8Grades 3 – 54.31 мая 2012 г.

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