What is the book of henry about


What happened in the book of Henry?

After a violent seizure, Henry is taken to the hospital, where he is diagnosed with a brain tumor and undergoes surgery. Anticipating his death, he tells Peter to give Susan the notebook. Days later, Henry dies in Susan’s arms in the hospital.

What is the secret in the book of Henry?

The film, which is directed by Jurassic World’s Colin Trevorrow, is full of aggressive whimsy—both Henry and Peter wear a series of oversized hats and goggles just because—but it has a dark secret at its center: Henry suspects that next door neighbor Glenn (Dean Norris), the police commissioner, is abusing his step- …

What happens in the book of Henry to Christina?

The film doesn’t bother to show us Henry building his case — he just tells us a bunch of things about Christina and concludes she’s being abused. And then he sees evidence of it by looking out his window and seeing Glenn enter Christina’s room late at night.

Is the book of Henry on Netflix?

The Book of Henry – (2017) – Netflix

An 11-year-old vows to help a new neighbor who he suspects is in danger, and documents his efforts in a series of written entries and audio recordings.

Why did Sheila Kiss Henry on the lips?

Sheila and Henry share an antagonistic sitcom relationship. … Henry promptly diagnoses their relationship, using a term I had never heard of before, and then confesses he finds her attractive. He then admits that he knows she has feelings for him but that he’s only eleven. Sheila then kisses Henry on the lips and leaves.

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Was Christina sexually abused in the book of Henry?

Staring out his bedroom window into Christina’s room each night, Henry soon comes to realize that she is being sexually molested by Glenn.

Is the book of Henry about abuse?

This is a film about child abuse—there’s no ambiguity about Glenn’s guilt, although the PG-13 rating means the specifics of what he’s doing are left to the imagination—but it’s abuse that’s entirely glimpsed through Henry’s bedroom window.

What happens to Maddie Ziegler in the book of Henry?

“Maddie’s character is in an emotional prison and she ultimately had to take control of her own story and she does it through dance,” the film’s director, Colin Trevorrow, told People. … The whole climax of the movie really is structured around her dance and she does a beautiful job.”

How old is Peter in the book of Henry?


Is the book of Henry based on a true story?

Gregg Hurwitz didn’t base The Book of Henry on a true story, and instead relied on his own sense of justice and doing what’s right — even when it’s difficult — in crafting his story. And the result is one of the most unique and original movies of the year.

Where did they film the book of Henry?

“It’s good for the community,” he said. “It puts us on the map a little bit better. Besides Williston Park, the film has also shot at Grumman Studios in Bethpage and in Hudson Valley locations including Nyack, Mount Vernon and Croton Gorge Park, spokeswoman Amy Johnson said.

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Does Susan kill Glenn in the book of Henry?

Does Susan end up killing Glenn? No. She has a moment of realization that what she’s doing is wrong and that she can trust her own judgement, not that that of her deceased 12-year-old son.

Is the book of Henry on HBO?

The Book Of Henry premieres on HBO on March 21 at 10:50 pm ET.

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