What is the book fences about


What is the main idea of the play Fences?

The main themes in Fences are race, barriers, and responsibility and love. Race: Racism has had a profound effect on Troy’s life, and it is his fear that racism will prevent Cory from achieving success that leads to Troy irreparably damaging his relationship with his son.

What is the story fences about?

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How does Troy Maxson die in fences?

heart attack

What is the symbolic meaning of fences?

To Rose, a fence is a symbol of her love and her desire for a fence indicates that Rose represents love and nurturing. … The wholeness of the fence comes to mean the strength of the Maxson family and ironically the strength of the man who tore them apart, who also brings them together one more time, in death.

What is Troy’s job in fences?

Troy Maxson

The protagonist of Fences, a fifty-three year-old, African American man who works for the sanitation department, lifting garbage into trucks. Troy is also a former baseball star in the Negro Leagues. Troy’s athletic ability diminished before the Major Leagues accepted blacks.

What is the message in the movie fences?

The major theme of the movie that stood out to me was the inner struggle of coming of age. Troy indicates this by not letting his son play football which could have helped him get a college scholarship, which in the long run helped him become self-sufficient.

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Why did Troy cheat on Rose fences?

After Troy explains that he had an affair because he had been “standing in the same place for eighteen years” and felt disappointed in his life, Rose responds.

Why did Troy go to jail in fences?

Troy went to jail in the play Fences for murder. He accidentally killed a man while attempting to rob him.

Why does Troy kick Cory out of the house?

Cory taunts his father, saying he’s too old to do anything about it. Troy shoves Cory and orders him to leave the yard. His son retorts that it isn’t Troy’s yard anyway – he bought it with Gabe’s disability money, then kicked him out.

What does the ending of fences mean?

The final moments of Fences are pretty darn awesome. On the day of Troy’s funeral, his brother Gabriel returns to open the gates of heaven for him…and succeeds. Gabriel suffered a head wound during World War II and now has a metal plate in his head.

What does Troy confess to Rose?

Rose then tells Troy to come inside for lunch, but he says he has something to tell her—he confesses that he’s going to be a father.

What does raynell represent in fences?

Garden symbolizes the new life of the family after Troy’s death. Raynell is consistently poking the garden and checking to see if the garden grew. The garden did not grow because it was planted overnight.

What does the devil symbolize in fences?

Troy’s association of the Devil as a harbinger of death comes to represent his struggle to survive the trials his life. The devil in his imagination symbolizes the hostility and the cowardice of the racism. In his later life he loses all the love from his family members, friends and brother.

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