What does it mean to throw the book at someone


Where did the phrase throw the book at him come from?

Punish or reprimand severely, as in I just knew the professor would throw the book at me for being late with my paper. This expression originally meant “sentence a convicted person to the maximum penalties allowed,” the book being the roster of applicable laws. Its figurative use dates from the mid-1900s.

What does it mean to throw someone?

Cause someone to be confused or perplexed, disconcert someone, as in We didn’t let our worries throw us, or That unfavorable review threw her. [Colloquial; mid-1800s] Also see knock for a loop. See also: someone, throw. Flashcards & Bookmarks ?

What does it mean to be through with someone?

to have ended a relationship. I’ve told Larry I’m through with him, but he keeps bothering me. Synonyms and related words. + To end a friendship or relationship.

What does nose to the grindstone mean?

Definition of keep one’s nose to the grindstone

: to do hard, continuous work You’ll do well at school if you just keep your nose to the grindstone.

What does just for kicks mean?

phrase. If you say that someone does something for kicks, you mean that they do it because they think it will be exciting. [informal] They made a few small bets for kicks. See full dictionary entry for kick.

What does throw you mean?

Cause someone to be confused or perplexed, disconcert someone, as in We didn’t let our worries throw us, or That unfavorable review threw her.

What does thrilling mean?

adjective. producing sudden, strong, and deep emotion or excitement. producing a tremor, as by chilling. vibrating; trembling; quivering.

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What does throw it back mean slang?

If you throw something back at a person, you remind them of something bad they did in the past, in order to upset them. I should never have told you that. I knew you’d throw it back at me. [ V n P + at] [Also V + at]

What does go through mean?

transitive (go through something) to examine or search something very carefully. Someone had broken into the office and gone through all the drawers. Collins went through every legal book she could find.

What is another word for through?

What is another word for through?directstraightone-wayopenedquickestcontiguousshortestnon-stopstraight-throughstraight through

What does I’m through mean?

As an adjective, through means finished or done. As an adverb it can mean backward and forward, completely, up to and including, or all the way to the end. The preposition through means in and out of. Through has lots of meanings. If you finished your homework you might shout — gleefully — “I’m through!”

What is the meaning of don’t put the cart before the horse?

A cart is a vehicle which is ordinarily pulled by a horse, so to put the cart before the horse is an analogy for doing things in the wrong order. The figure of speech means doing things the wrong way round or with the wrong emphasis. The idiom is about confusing cause and effect.

What does bite the bullet mean?

To “bite the bullet” is to endure a painful or otherwise unpleasant situation that is seen as unavoidable. The phrase was first recorded by Rudyard Kipling in his 1891 novel The Light that Failed.

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