Readers ask: What is systemic?

What is systemic problem?

A systemic problem is a problem due to issues inherent in the overall system, rather than due to a specific, individual, isolated factor. Contrast with pilot error, user error, or mistake. A change to the structure, organization or policies in that system could alleviate the systemic problem.

What is the meaning of system?

A system is a group of interacting or interrelated entities that form a unified whole. A system, surrounded and influenced by its environment, is described by its boundaries, structure and purpose and expressed in its functioning. Systems are the subjects of study of systems theory.

What is the definition for oppression?

Oppression is when a person or group of people who have power use it in a way that is not fair, unjust or cruel.

What are some systemic diseases?


  • Mastocytosis, including mast cell activation syndrome and eosinophilic esophagitis.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Systemic vasculitis e.g. SLE, PAN.
  • Sarcoidosis – a disease that mainly affects the lungs, brain, joints and eyes, found most often in young African-American women.

What does systemic level mean?

1 another word for → systematic → 1, 2. 2 (Physiol) (of a poison, disease, etc.) affecting the entire body.

What is the end part of the system?

Answer. In networking jargon, a computer connected to a computer network is sometimes referred to as an end system or end station. These are labeled end systems because they sit at the edge of the network. The end user always interacts with the end systems.

What are examples of IT systems?

Some examples of such systems are:

  • decision support system.
  • social information systems.
  • process control system.
  • management information system.
  • intelligent system.
  • enterprise systems.
  • data warehouses.
  • enterprise resource planning.
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What is meant by open system?

An open system is a system that regularly exchanges feedback with its external environment. Open systems are systems, of course, so inputs, processes, outputs, goals, assessment and evaluation, and learning are all important.

What does Theatre of the oppressed mean?

The Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) was developed by Brazilian theatre director Augusto Boal during the 1950’ps and 1960’s. From his work Boal evolved various forms of theatre workshops and performances which aimed to meet the needs of all people for interaction, dialogue, critical thinking, action, and fun.

What is considered a severe systemic disease?

Severe systemic disease. Severe systemic disease that is a constant threat to life. A moribund person who is not expected to survive without the operation.

What is an example of a local infection?

A localized disease is an infectious or neoplastic process that originates in and is confined to one organ system or general area in the body, such as a sprained ankle, a boil on the hand, an abscess of finger.

What is a reservoir animal?

A reservoir is usually a living host of a certain species, such as an animal or a plant, inside of which a pathogen survives, often (though not always) without causing disease for the reservoir itself.

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