Readers ask: What does kudos mean?

Is Kudos a real word?

Kudos is a noun that means “praise, honor, or acclaim.” Kudo is the singular version of kudos, but kudos is also singular. Kudos comes from the Greek word kydos, which means praise or renown.

What language is kudos from?

“Kudos,” (pronounced “KOO-dahs” or “KOO-dohs,” with no “z” sound at the end) is derived from the Greek “kydos” (magical glory). In modern English “kudos” means “praise, acclaim,” as in “Bruno deserves kudos for his violin solo.” Like the Greek words “pathos,” “hubris” and “bathos,” “kudos” is singular in meaning.

What does it mean to kudos someone?

uncountable noun. Kudos is admiration or recognition that someone or something gets as a result of a particular action or achievement. a new hotel chain that has won kudos for the way it treats guests. Synonyms: prestige, regard, honour, praise More Synonyms of kudos.

Is Kudos a Japanese word?

People. Kudō (工藤; Kudo, Kudoh, Kudou) is a Japanese family name.

Is Kudos a bad word?

Kudos means “praise” or “glory” and is often used where “congratulations” would fit too. However, because kudos ends in S and congratulations is plural, some people mistakenly believe that kudos is plural and use kudo as a singular form. That’s just wrong.

What’s another word for kudos?

In this page you can discover 34 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for kudos, like: credit, praise, acclaim, honor, admiration, esteem, panegyric, fame, glory, prestige and acclamation.

How do you give someone kudos?

You can give kudos to either strangers or friends, either by visiting their campsite or camper. To visit someone’s campsite, approach them in person then select the option to ‘Visit his or her campsite’. For a friend, go to your Friends list, select them and press the ‘Visit Player’ button at the bottom.

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Is Kudos the same as congratulations?

Kudos,” “well-done,” and other words of praise are forms of congratulations, or an expression of approval and acclaim. Congratulations are expressed for good wishes on a special occasion, not just an accomplishment.

Where do we use kudos?

Kudos sentence example. He received kudos of approval from the intelligentsia. I believe she deserves kudos for just putting up with some of the drama that comes with her job. More kudos must go to Jack Emery who played Ralph.

Is Kudos a Scrabble word?

KUDOS is a valid scrabble word.

What is the opposite of kudos?

Opposite of praise and honor received for an achievement. blame. condemnation. criticism. denunciation.

Is Kudos singular or plural?

Some commentators hold that since kudos is a singular word it cannot be used as a plural and that the word kudo is impossible. But kudo does exist; it is simply one of the most recent words created by back-formation from another word misunderstood as a plural.

What is the meaning of could ve?

The definition of couldve is something that potentially might have happened if it weren’t for another alternative. An example of couldve is for a student to say that he had the potential to do his homework instead of choosing to go to the basketball game. verb.

What is the difference between could of and could have?

Could of is a common misspelling of the verb phrase could have. Most native English speakers use the contraction couldve in everyday speech. This pronunciation omits the stressed H sound that differentiates have from of in the slurred familiarity of spoken English.

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