Readers ask: What does contiguous mean?

What is an example of contiguous?

The definition of contiguous is two things that are connected or touching along one side. An example of contiguous is how Chile shares a border with Argentina.

What does contiguous mean in English?

1: being in actual contact: touching along a boundary or at a point the 48 contiguous states. 2 of angles: adjacent sense 2. 3: next or near in time or sequence The fires were contiguous with the earthquake.

What is another word for contiguous?

Some common synonyms of contiguous are adjacent, adjoining, and juxtaposed. While all these words mean “being in close proximity,” contiguous implies having contact on all or most of one side.

How do you use contiguous in a sentence?

  1. England is contiguous with Wales.
  2. The bruising was not contiguous to the wound.
  3. Its vineyards are virtually contiguous with those of Ausone.
  4. The garden is contiguous to the field.
  5. The two countries are contiguous.
  6. Viet Nam is contiguous to China.
  7. They are two immediately contiguous areas.

What is meant by contiguous allocation?

Contiguous memory allocation is a memory allocation method that allocates a single contiguous section of memory to a process or a file. Taking into account the future growth of the file and its request for memory, the operating system allocates sufficient contiguous memory blocks to that file.

What is the meaning of contiguous zone?

The contiguous zone is a band of water extending farther from the outer edge of the territorial sea to up to 24 nautical miles (44.4 km; 27.6 mi) from the baseline, within which a state can exert limited control for the purpose of preventing or punishing “infringement of its customs, fiscal, immigration or sanitary

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What is the meaning of contiguous states?

In its strictest sense, “contiguous United States” refers to the lower 48 states in North America (including the District of Columbia), and “continental United States” refers to 49 states (including Alaska and the District of Columbia).

How do you spell contiguous?


  1. touching; in contact.
  2. in close proximity without actually touching; near.
  3. adjacent in time: contiguous events.

What is the definition of non contiguous?

: not contiguous especially: not adjoining along a boundary or consisting of parts that adjoin a noncontiguous college campus These parcels on noncontiguous land averaged nearly 50 acres in size … —

What is the opposite of contiguous?

Antonyms: unconnected, distant. Synonyms: coterminous, neighboring(a), adjacent, immediate, coextensive, conterminous.

What is the word for next to each other?

other words for next to

adjoining. neighboring. beside. bordering.

How do you use avuncular in a sentence?

Avuncular sentence example

My best friend’s father treats me in an avuncular manner. For many young men, an avuncular man serves as a role model. The man living next door tries to be avuncular to all of the neighborhood children. Tim was so excited to have an avuncular relationship with his new nephew.

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