Quick Answer: What is the time in syria?

What time in Syria now AM or PM?

Current Local Time in Locations in Syria with Links for More Information (9 Locations)
Aleppo Tue 2:02 pm
Ar-Raqqah Tue 2:02 pm
Damascus Tue 2:02 pm
Daraa Tue 2:02 pm

What is the time zone in Syria?

Syria uses EET (UTC+02:00) for the Syria Standard Time and observes DST, as EEST (UTC+03:00).

What kind of weather is in Syria now?

Upcoming 5 hours

Now 10:00 pm 11:00 pm
59 °F 53 °F 50 °F

What is the present time in China?

Current Local Time in Locations in China with Links for More Information (98 Locations)
Beijing Mon 12:08 am
Benxi Mon 12:08 am
Chamdo Mon 12:08 am
Changchun Mon 12:08 am

Is it hot or cold in Syria now?

The climate in Syria is dry and hot in summer and cold in winter. The coast and the western mountains have a Mediterranean climate characterized by two seasons, the hot and dry summer between May and October and the relatively cool and wet season between November and April.

What’s time in Iraq now?

Current Local Time in Locations in Iraq with Links for More Information (13 Locations)
Baghdad Tue 3:00 am
Basra Tue 3:00 am
Chamchamal Tue 3:00 am
Erbil Tue 3:00 am

How many time zones does Syria have?

Time Zones in Syria

Country: Syria
Abbreviations: SY, SYR
Capital: Damascus
Time Zones: 1
Dial Code: +963

What’s the time now in Florida?

Current Local Time in Locations in Florida with Links for More Information (55 Locations)
Fort Lauderdale Mon 7:02 pm
Fort Myers Mon 7:02 pm
Fort Walton Beach Mon 6:02 pm
Gainesville Mon 7:02 pm
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What exactly is happening in Syria?

There’s been a civil war in Syria for the last eight years, with different groups trying to seize control of the country. The fighting has been between: Soldiers who support the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Fighters known as rebels, who don’t want Assad to be in power anymore.

How safe is Syria?

The security situation in Syria is extremely dangerous due to military conflict, including air strikes, and very high levels of violence, terrorism and kidnapping. Chemical weapons could be used in conflicts. If you’re in Syria despite our advice, avoid possible terrorist targets.

Does Syria get cold?

Despite reaching temperatures of up to 45 degree Celsius in some areas during the summer, winter in Syria can be very harsh and include prolonged periods of snow and temperatures below zero.

How many time zones does China have?

The reason for this confusion is simple: China, a country that is of roughly similar size to the continental United States, has one time zone: Beijing Standard Time. This means that when it’s 6 o’clock in the nation’s capital, it’s 6 o’clock almost 3,000 miles further west, in Kashgar.

Does China use 24 hour clock?

Both the 12-hour and 24hour notations are used in spoken and written Chinese. To avoid confusion, time on schedules and public notices are typically formatted in the 24hour system, so the times 19:45 and 07:45 are understood to be 12 hours apart from each other.

What is the time in USA now?

Current Local Times in North America

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Current Local Times in North America Sort By: City Country Time Cities Shown: Capitals (29) Most Popular (133) Popular (179) Somewhat Popular (459)
London Mon 12:32 am
Long Beach Sun 9:32 pm
Longueuil Mon 12:32 am
Los Angeles Sun 9:32 pm

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