Often asked: What is operation legend?

What is the purpose of Operation LeGend?

Operation Legend is a sustained, systematic and coordinated law enforcement initiative across all federal law enforcement agencies, working in conjunction with state and local law enforcement officials, to fight the sudden surge of violent crime in America’s cities.

What does operation LeGend mean?

Operation Legend (or Operation LeGend) was a federal law enforcement operation in the United States initiated by the administration of President Donald Trump. For Operation Legend, agents from various federal agencies were deployed to aid and assist city and county law enforcement officers.

What is Operation LeGend in Kansas City?

Operation LeGend is a federal partnership with local law enforcement to address the increase in homicides and violent crime in Kansas City, Mo., in 2020. The operation honors the memory of four-year-old LeGend Taliferro, one of the youngest fatalities during a record-breaking year of homicides and shootings.

What is Operation LeGend St Louis?

Louis implemented Operation LeGend. The goal of the operation is to provide additional federal and state law enforcement resources and support to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and to combat aggressively the rising rates of gun violence in our community.

How did LeGend taliferro die?

“On June 29, 2020, 4-year-old LeGend Taliferro was killed by gunfire while asleep in his bed in Kansas City, Missouri. His senseless death, which is part of an alarming increase in violent crime this summer, led the Department of Justice to launch Operation LeGend.

Who Shot LeGend taliferro?

Authorities in Missouri have charged a 22-year-old Kansas City man with murder in the death of LeGend Taliferro, a 4-year-old boy who was fatally shot in late June while he was fast asleep. On Thursday, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced that Ryson B. Ellis had been arrested.

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What is the operation?

1: performance of a practical work or of something involving the practical application of principles or processes Practice until you can go through the whole operation without hesitation or thinking. 2a: an exertion of power or influence the operation of a drug.

Who is Operation legend named for?

Operation Legend is named in honor of four-year-old LeGend Taliferro, who was shot and killed while he slept the morning of June 29.

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