Often asked: What is antilog?

How do you find the Antilog?

To compute the antilog of a number y, you must raise the logarithm base b (usually 10, sometimes the constant e) to the power that will generate the number y. Where x is the exponent and y is the antilog value. For instance, if we take this equation, log(5) = x, its antilog will be 10x = 5.

What is Antilog on calculator?

An antilog is the reverse of logarithm, found by raising a logarithm to its base. For example, the antilog of y = log10(5) is 10y = 5.

What is the antilog of 4?

Value of AntiLog(4) = 10,000.00

Function Number
Log AntiLog nLog Exp ( ) =?

What does Antilog mean?

Antilog Definition: The Antilog which is also known as “Anti- Logarithms”, of a number is the inverse technique of finding the logarithm of the same number. Consider, if x is the logarithm of a number y with base b, then we can say y is the antilog of x to the base b. It is defined by. If logb y = x Then, y = antilog x.

What is the antilog of 3?

Multiply a common log by 2.303 to obtain the corresponding natural log. The antilogarithm (also called an antilog) is the inverse of the logarithm transform. Since the logarithm (base 10) of 1000 equals 3, the antilogarithm of 3 is 1000.

How do you find Antilog without a calculator?

All you need to do is express the number in a desirable product form (composed of smaller numbers whose values you perhaps know). This will lead you to a close value (still not good enough). For example given you know log5, and you want to know log (5291), u get log(5.291×10^3) = 3+ log(5.291).

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How do you find the log and antilog on a calculator?


  2. TAP ÷ (i.e. divide ) by 0.4343 & = (equal to)
  3. TAP X (i.e. Multiply ) by 0.00024417206.
  4. ADD ‘ 1 ‘
  6. 0.6990.
  7. 2. ( 0.6990 ÷ 0.4343) = 1.60948653004.
  8. 3. ( 1.60948653004 X 0.00024417206) = 0.00039299164.

How do you do Antilog in Excel?

The antilog of a number, in Excel, is the inverse of the log of a number (to the base 10). In other words, it is the inverse of the LOG10 function (or Log function if using a base other than 10). So, to find the antilog of a number, all you need to do is raise it to the power of 10.

What is the antilog of 2?

Value of AntiLog(2) = 100.00

Also find for nearby values
1.5 2.5

How do you convert LN to log?

To convert a number from a natural to a common log, use the equation, ln(​x​) = log(​x​) ÷ log(2.71828).

What is Antilogarithm with example?

If log M = x, then M is called the antilogarithm of x and is written as M = antilog x. For example, if log 39.2 = 1.5933, then antilog 1.5933 = 39.2. Antilog-table is similar to log-table; only difference is in the extreme left-hand column which ranges from. 00 to.

What is the antilog of 8?

Value of AntiLog(8) = 100,000,000.00

Function Number
Log AntiLog nLog Exp ( ) =?

What is the value of Antilog 20?

In some problems, the logarithm of x and the base a are known, but x is unknown. An antilogarithm is the inverse function of a logarithm.

What is and How to Find Inverse Logarithm?

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antilogb x = bx
antilog(9) 109 1000000000
antilog(12) 1012 1000000000000
antilog(20) 1020 1.0E+20
antilog(22) 1022 1.0E+22

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