How to make a coupon book for boyfriend


How do you make a romantic coupon book?

Romantic coupon books can include all sorts of coupons, such as activities to do together, romantic gestures, and specific intimate encounters. Use a template to write your own coupons or make each coupon from scratch. Consider following a concept throughout the coupon book, such as different date ideas.

How do you make love coupons?

Love Coupons

  1. 1 Step 1: Make a Cover for the Coupon Book.
  2. 2 Step 2: Edit the Love Coupons.
  3. 3 Step 3: Print.
  4. 4 Step 4: Cut out each love coupon.
  5. 5 Step 5: Bind them together to create a coupon book.

How can I make love coupons for him?

Here are a few examples of the fun activities and creative gift ideas that are included in our love coupon book:

  1. A relaxing back rub.
  2. Home cooked meal.
  3. Getting the car washed.
  4. Master of the remote control day.
  5. Breakfast in bed.
  6. A relaxing foot massage.
  7. Dinner at favorite restaurant.
  8. Outdoor adventure.

What do I write on a coupon?

How to Write an Effective Coupon

  • Title. An effective title for a coupon is short and to the point. …
  • Body. Use the body of the coupon to explain what the offer is for. …
  • Disclaimer. The disclaimer is the fine print that lists out anything that would void your coupon. …
  • Expiration. The expiration date is one of the most overlooked part of a coupon. …
  • Coupon vs.

How do you make a coupon book for kids?

Download Your Coupon Book for Kids

  1. Download the coupon book. …
  2. Print. …
  3. Cut out the coupons you want to include in the book. …
  4. Punch a hole in one corner, then loop a rubber band or a book ring through to connect the cards. …
  5. Drop the coupon book in your child’s stocking, and you’re DONE.
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What is the size of a coupon?

The most popular coupon size is 2.5″x6″ (the size of a dollar bill). Coupons can be as small as 2-1/16″x3″, but small coupons are easy to loose and increase the chance of processing errors. Be sure your coupon allows enough room for required coupon copy elements and optional coupon design considerations.

How do you make coupons?

How to create an eye-catching coupon:

  1. Choose A Theme. Your theme should follow the same style as your campaign theme.
  2. Personalize Your Brand By Using Your Own Images. Make your coupon truly unique by uploading your own photos, logos or graphics for maximum impact.
  3. Use An Attention Grabbing Font. …
  4. Add An Expiry Date.

How do love coupons work?

A love coupon is a romantic way of expressing one’s feelings for a partner in a relationship. It is a form of voluntary IOU or promissory note between people in love that contains a promise from one of the partners in a relationship to engage in romantic activities at a time in the future.

How do you make a coupon book for your mom?

To make Mom a love coupons book

  1. Print out the coupon book kit.
  2. Cut out all the pages and the cover.
  3. Select which coupons you want to include in your book.
  4. Add your own coupon gifts to the blank coupons.
  5. Place the back cover, art side down, on the table.
  6. Place all the coupons, art side up, on top of the back cover.

How do you make homemade gift vouchers?

How to make a gift certificate

  1. Pick the perfect size. Access the Spark app and choose the size of gift certificate you want to create.
  2. Decide on your theme. …
  3. Choose an eye-catching image. …
  4. Add custom typography. …
  5. Download and share your voucher.

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