How to get an isbn number for a self-published book


How do I get an ISBN number for my book?

On most books, the ISBN number can be found on the back cover, next to the barcode. If a book doesn’t show the ISBN on the back cover, look on the page featuring the copyright and publisher information and the ISBN will be found there.

How do I get an ISBN number for my self published book UK?

Under the ISBN drop down tab, click on ISBNs—Buy Here. You can select 1, 10 or 100. For a bulk purchase, go to “Buying ISBNs in Bulk” and you can contact Bowker directly to discuss your options. Once you have your ISBN assigned, you can then use it everywhere that requires your ISBN number.

Can a book be published without an ISBN number?

Summary. ISBNs are not necessary to sell ebooks; none of the top online retailers require them. Printed books, however, cannot be sold without an ISBN. Remember that each version of your book would need a separate ISBN, and purchasing a block of 10 would be more cost-effective than purchasing one.

How do I get a barcode for a self published book?

Barcode Facts

It’s a graphical representation of your book’s ISBN and price. To use a barcode, you’ll need your book’s ISBN and pricing information. You can purchase and download a barcode after you’ve created an account at You can store your barcodes for future use at

Should I buy my own ISBN number?

If your book is a personal project, purely for fun or for family only, then the publisher may not matter to you. But if you want your book to be taken seriously by bookstores, media, and even book buyers, you should register your own ISBNs and assign a publishing company name.

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Can two books have the same ISBN number?

For example, paperback and hardcover versions of the same title will have different ISBNs. A textbook will have a separate ISBN for each edition. … If a book is reprinted by its same publisher without any changes or revisions, it will keep the same ISBN.

How do I get a free ISBN?

You can purchase an ISBN or obtain one for free through your self-publishing platform.

  1. Here are two ways to get an ISBN for a self-published book:
  2. If you’re a resident of the United States, you can purchase an ISBN through Bowker.
  3. There are limitations to this.

How much does it cost to get an ISBN number in UK?

UK ISBN Agency.

The cost for one ISBN number (without barcode images) is £89.00.

How do I get my book in bookstores?

8 Steps to Getting Self-Published Books on the Shelves

  1. Know the Market for Your Book. …
  2. Know How They Buy Books. …
  3. Get Into Book Wholesalers. …
  4. Develop a marketing and media plan. …
  5. Create Professional Marketing Materials. …
  6. Know Your Buyer’s Goals. …
  7. Contact Bookstore Buyers and Librarians. …
  8. Follow Up.

Can a publisher steal your book?

Firstly, reputable publishers and agents are not in the business of ‘stealing’ work. They are inundated with plenty of writers with plenty of ideas and if yours has potential then rest assured the agent or publisher will be interested in you and your work. … What you are able to copyright is ‘the expression of an idea’.

Does ISBN indicate Edition?

An ISBN is essentially a product identifier used by publishers, booksellers, libraries, internet retailers and other supply chain participants for ordering, listing, sales records and stock control purposes. The ISBN identifies the registrant as well as the specific title, edition and format.

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Does KDP provide an ISBN?

KDP can provide you with a free ISBN to publish your paperback. … It cannot be used with another publisher or self-publishing service.

How do I get an ISBN?

Step 1: Obtain the ISBN Number

Before making an ISBN barcode, the user must first apply for an ISBN number. This number should be 10 or 13 digits, for example, 0-9767736-6-X or 978-0-9767736-6-5. Once the ISBN number is obtained, it should be displayed above the barcode on the book.

How do I apply for an ISBN?

To apply for ISBN Numbers the Applicant has to first register them on the website and after registration they can further apply of ISBN Numbers as and when required.

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