How to eat fried worms book characters


Is the book How Do You Eat Fried Worms banned?

Why Was It Banned? Because it encouraged anti-social behavior and included gambling. The novel was banned for two primary reasons, each of which raised a great deal of concern in front of many school boards in the 1990s. First, the book encouraged children to partake in socially unacceptable activities.

How do you eat fried worms in Woody?

Woody Forrester is Billy’s younger brother in the 2006 film How to Eat Fried Worms. He is portrayed by Ty Panitz.

How many chapters are in the book How Do You Eat Fried Worms?

His friend Alan bet him that he can’t eat fifteen worms in fifteen days. If Billy wins, Alan has to fork over fifty dollars. Billy wants the money to buy a used mini bike, so he’s ready to dig in.

How to Eat Fried Worms.Tuesday April 1Introduce BookFriday May 16Chapters 39-41Monday May 19Meet to work on Study Guide (Chapters 30-41)

Who wrote How Do You Eat Fried Worms?

Томас Роквелл

How do you eat an earthworm book?

Plot summary

Alan challenges Billy to eat a worm a day for 15 days. The winner gets $50. Tom prepares the worms in a variety of ways to make them more appetizing, using condiments such as ketchup, mustard, horseradish, and maple syrup.

How do you eat deep fried worms cast?


  1. Luke Benward as Billy “Wormboy” Forrester.
  2. Hallie Kate Eisenberg as Erika “Erk” Tansy.
  3. Adam Hicks as Joe Guire.
  4. Tom Cavanagh as Mitch Forrester.
  5. Kimberly Williams-Paisley as Helen Forrester.
  6. Austin Rogers as Adam.
  7. Alexander Gould as Twitch.
  8. Ryan Malgarini as Benjamin “Benjy” Renfro.
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What age is how do you eat fried worms appropriate for?

1. This book was about a boy whp made a bet with some friends that he had to eat 15 worms in 15 days. I think it would be best for boys to read this bok because most girls hate worms!!! I also prefer that the boys and some girls at the ages of 8-10 should read this book.

Can you eat worms?

Worms might actually be better suited as feed for other protein sources like poultry or fish, she says. Still, worms — or wormlike creatures — will always have their fans. The chubby, striped mopane worm — eaten in northern and central Zambia as well as parts of Zimbabwe — is considered a delicacy.

Is how do you eat fried worms on Netflix?

How to Eat Fried Worms – (2006) – Netflix. During the first day of his new school year, a fifth grade boy squares off against a bully and winds up accepting a dare that could change the balance of power within the class.

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