How to draw a book standing up


How do you draw a closed book?

So to draw a closed book you have first to draw a rectangle. Then convert it to a 3 demential box. Add two arcs on the left side of the box for a books’ binding and erase the unnecessary lines. Add another line on the right side of the book – it will give it more depth.

How do you draw a easy grizzly bear?

How to draw Grizzly Bear

  1. Mark off the width and height of the picture. …
  2. Draw a circle between the two ovals. …
  3. Define the places for the eyes and facial features. …
  4. Outline the shapes of the bear’s snout and legs.
  5. Add toes, the jaw and ears.
  6. Delineate the soles, nose and eyes of the grizzly bear.

How do you draw a grizzly from we bare bears?

How to Draw Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear from We Bare Bears Bearstack

  1. Draw a #3-like shape.
  2. Draw a sideways letter ‘U’-like shape to the left of the first shape.
  3. Draw letter ‘U’ shaped legs.
  4. Draw dots for eyes on the top bear. …
  5. Draw an oval nose on the top bear. …
  6. Draw letter ‘C’ shapes for ears and tails.
  7. Draw some legs.

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