How to delete a book on kindle


How do I remove unwanted books from my Kindle?

You can remove them from your Kindle device or reading app using these steps:

  1. On Amazon’s website, go to your “Manage Your Content and Devices” page.
  2. In the “Your Content” list, select the boxes next to the book(s) you’d like to remove.
  3. Select Delete.
  4. Select Yes, delete permanently to confirm.

How do I delete books from my Kindle without deleting them?

Select your TBD collection and switch to Downloaded. Open the menu and choose the Remove from Device option. Click OK to confirm that you know you’re not deleting these forever, just banishing them from your current Kindle.

Why can’t I delete some books from my Kindle?

Long press on the title you want to remove from device. Make sure you are looking at device not all if you have removed something. Now if you want to delete them from your account, you have to go to manage my content and devices on the Amazon website.

How do I permanently delete books from my Kindle Fire?

You can go to the section of Amazon to manage your Kindle Fire, then follow these steps: Select the “Show” menu, then choose “Docs“. Select the “Actions” button next to the book you wish to remove. Choose “Delete” from library if you wish to remove permanently it from the site and your Kindle Fire.

Why are deleted books still on Kindle?

Removing Downloaded Books vs.

Books that are downloaded and then deleted are still available as near-instant downloads from your personal Kindle Library, linked to your Amazon account and viewable online. … Actually banishing the book from your library completely is a bit more complex.

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How do I permanently delete Kindle books from my iPad?

But if you are viewing the books in the grid mode, tap and hold to see the options. Choose the Delete Permanently option to delete sample books from iPad and Remove from Device option to delete purchased books from iPad.

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