How to book aa flights with avios


Can you book American Airlines flights with Avios?

There is no close-in booking fee when using Avios instead of American miles to fly a domestic itinerary. If you are within 21 days of departure and have no American Airlines status, you’ll be charged $75 per person to use your American miles.

How do I book a flight using Avios?

How to Search & Book Award Flights with British Airways Avios

  1. Log into your British Airways account, go to the “Executive Club” tab, and click on “Spending Avios.”
  2. Scroll down and click on “Book a Reward Flight.”
  3. Fill in the destination, point of origin, date, cabin class, and the number of passengers.

How do I book Aer Lingus flights with Avios?

How to spend Avios on reward flights

  1. Go to Go to and log in using your AerClub details.
  2. Search for flights. Search for flights with Aer Lingus or our AerClub airline partners British Airways and Iberia.
  3. Spend your Avios.

Can I use American Airlines miles on British Airways?

Use AAdvantage® miles to book award travel on British Airways with oneworld® and partner airline awards which allow you to travel to and from your desired destination using any combination of our airline participants.

What does 5000 Avios points get you?

So lets see where 5000 Avios points could get you…

1 single economy seat from London to Zone 1 destinations in Europe which include Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen & Paris for 4000 points (off peak, 4500 points peak) & £17.50 per person.

Can I transfer American Airlines miles to Avios?

“American Airlines and British Airways are partners — can I transfer my AAdvantage miles to Avios?” Unfortunately, the answer is no. Generally, you can’t transfer points between frequent flyer programs, even if they’re partners.

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Where can I fly with Avios points?

Assuming there’s saver award availability, you can use Avios from either British Airways or Iberia for flights on Oneworld airlines. They include: American Airlines * British Airways.

How many Avios points do I need for a flight?

How many Avios do I need for a flight? As this page explains, flight redemptions start at just 4,000 Avios. This will get you a one-way ticket in Economy to Amsterdam, Paris etc on an off-peak date.

How much is 20000 avios worth?

However, the calculation ignores the miles and tier points that cash tickets would bring. If one of these trips fell into an off-peak period, saving 20,000 Avios per person (80,000 Avios in total), then the value would increase to 1.19p.

Do Aer Lingus Avios points expire?

Your Avios won’t expire as long as you’re either collecting or spending Avios at least once every 36 months.

Do Avios points expire?

About Avios menu

Your Avios stay with you as long as you collect, spend, purchase or share at least one Avios every 36 months — any longer and your Avios will expire and be removed, so remember to take action before those three years are up.

What can I book with Avios?

Spend Avios on travel rewards

  • Reward flights. Book flights with our airline partners on …
  • Save money on cash flights. Book flights directly with any of our airline partners and use your Avios to discount the cost of your flight. …
  • Hotels. …
  • Car hire. …
  • Activities and experiences. …
  • Wine, beer & spirits.
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Can British Airways Avios points be transferred to American Airlines?

In fact, the other airlines that use Avios are Iberia and Aer Lingus. … In this case, you can use BA Avios to fly on any of their Oneworld partners, as well as their non-alliance partners. So while you can’t transfer British Airways miles to American Airlines, you can use British Airways miles on American.

How do I link my British Airways to American Airlines?

To add your AAdvantage number to your British Airways Avios booking simply select American Airlines from the drop down and enter your AAdvantage number. Note that this will remove your British Airways number from the reservation since you cannot have two numbers active at once.

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