How much are book of mormon tickets


How can I get cheap tickets for Book of Mormon?

Apart from getting discounted tickets online, you can also get The Book of Mormon Broadway tickets for cheap via TKTS booths or Digital Lottery. You can also try your luck with RUSH or Standing Room Only (SRO) tickets, which are also sold at reduced rates!

Why is the Book of Mormon so expensive?

Because there are more seats, scattered over many movie houses, vs. 1 theatre for a live show. Movies get a smaller amount of money from each ticket to recoup their production and operating costs, but they can sell tremendously more tickets than a Broadway show. What is the key of the Book of Mormon?

How much are Book of Mormon tickets NYC?

The Book of Mormon tickets can be found for as low as $48.00, however the national average is $149.00.

How much should I pay for Broadway tickets?

Broadway shows offer tickets at many different price points. Regular Price tickets generally range from $20 to $175. You can expect to pay higher prices for the best seats to hit shows on weekend nights.

Where can I find cheap Broadway tickets?

Head to TKTS

The classic way to find deeply discounted tickets is to wait in line, on the day of the show, at TDF’s TKTS Booth under the red steps in Duffy Square (47th Street and Broadway). All but the biggest Broadway hits are on sale there, mostly at 50 percent off.

Which Broadway shows have rush tickets?

What shows have rush tickets?

  • “Ain’t Too Proud,” $29 (student rush)
  • “Be More Chill,” $40.
  • “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical,” $40.
  • “Beetlejuice,” $43 (although that’s at your own risk, per our Entertainment Critic)
  • “Chicago,” $39.
  • “Come from Away,” $38.
  • “King Kong,” $49 (also an acquired taste)
  • “Mean Girls,” $42.50.
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What’s the most expensive book ever sold?

the Codex Leicester

What religion uses the Book of Mormon?

Mormons use the Book of Mormon alongside the Bible in teaching and study. They believe that the Book of Mormon tells the story of God’s dealings with the ancient inhabitants of the American Continent, including a visit by the risen Jesus to the people of the New World.

How much of the Book of Mormon is copied from the Bible?

“We hold the Book of Mormon to be a sacred text like the Bible,” Snow said. “The printer’s manuscript is the earliest surviving copy of about 72 percent of the Book of Mormon text, as only about 28 percent of the earlier dictation copy survived decades of storage in a cornerstone in Nauvoo, Ill.”

Is Book of Mormon closing?

The smash-hit musical now runs until 9 November in the West End. The Book of Mormon is the award-winning smash hit musical that has taken Broadway and the West End by storm. Due to huge demand, the show’s run has been extended until Sat 9 Nov.

How long is Book of Mormon?

2 hours and 35 minutes

What do the Mormons believe?

Mormons believe in Jesus Christ as the literal Son of God and Messiah, his crucifixion as a conclusion of a sin offering, and subsequent resurrection. However, Latter-day Saints (LDS) reject the ecumenical creeds and the definition of the Trinity.

Is it cheaper to buy Broadway tickets in person?

Broadway ticket fees can increase the price Broadway Tickets. Buying From The Box Office instead From Ticketmaster/Telecharge can result in lower fees.

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Is it cheaper to buy tickets at the box office?

Buy directly from the box office to avoid service fees

Most larger music venues and stadiums have a box office where you can purchase tickets directly. This isn’t always the case, but if it’s an option to you it’s a great way to avoid the ridiculous service charges that come when you order tickets online.

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