How does the book thief end


How does the book thief movie end?

From the beginning of The Book Thief, Death, the narrator, foreshadows the bombing of Himmel Street. This terrible event kills all of Liesel’s friends and loved ones. … But, the real surprise comes after World War II has come to an end, when Max walks through the door of Alex Steiner’s tailor shop, looking for Liesel.

Do Max and Liesel end up together?

The book never says Max and Liesel got married. You would expect Death to mention this, but instead he leaves us pondering about it. You can assume they did or assume they didn’t, but all-in-all the book does not say.

Does Rudy die in the book thief?

The Book Thief

He asks for a kiss, and Liesel still won’t give it to him. Death then reveals that, in two years, Rudy will die and that he won’t deserve to die the way he does, during a bombing. Liesel will be there to weep over his body, which, Death thinks, Rudy would have liked. … The second event is Rudy’s death.

Who does Liesel marry at the end of the book thief?

s srhelsel609 wrote: “NO MAX. ZUSAK ANSWER A QUESTION ABOUT WHO LIESEL MARRY. HE SAID THAT MAX AND LIESEL WERE LIKE BROTHER AND SISTER.” If it’s not mentioned in the book, it’s not canon.

Who was Liesel Meminger husband?

Rudy Steiner

He is in love with Liesel and is always there for her. Read an in-depth analysis of Rudy Steiner.

Is the book thief banned in Germany?

Officially the book “The Book Thief” was not banned however it was challenged. … The reason that “The Book Thief” was challenged was because the book portrays many details about the life of Nazis and the life of the German people. It also focuses in the subjects like the Holocaust.

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Does Liesel love Rudy?

We know Liesel loves Rudy as a best friend. We know that after she’s whipped on the street along with Max, she wants Rudy to kiss her. But this desire might have been born from all sorts of conflicting emotions. Romantic interest was surely one of them, but not necessarily as romantic as his love for her.

How old is Max Vandenburg?

Max is only twenty-two years old when he enters the story as “the struggler” (Chapters 23, 26, 28). At first his age is a bit surprising, because he almost seems like an old man. Later we learn that when he was Liesel and Rudy’s age, he was “the Jewish fist fighter” (Chapter 31).

What was dangerous about Liesel’s eyes?

The Book Thief

Liesel has hair that Death calls “a close enough brand of German blond” and brown eyes, which are considered dangerous because, during the time of Nazi Germany, one did not want dark brown eyes. She thinks that maybe she got them from her father, but she does not remember what he looked like.

Why did holtzapfel kill himself?

On the ninety-eighth day, however, Michael Holtzapfel hangs himself. Death explains that he killed himself because he felt guilty for living. Michael leaves a suicide note asking his mother’s forgiveness, and saying he will be with his brother Robert soon.

Is the book thief a true story?

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is a historical fiction novel, which means that it is a fictional story that is set and told through historically accurate time period and events.

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Does Hans Hubermann die?

The bombing on Himmel Street kills him and Rosa. Liesel gets his accordion and keeps it.

What religion is Liesel Meminger?

That’s not something you’d find in Harry Potter. Zusak’s heroine is Liesel Meminger. She is not Jewish, but her parents were communists, and the time is Germany, 1939.

Why does Hans slap Liesel?

When Hans slaps Liesel for saying she hates Hitler, he demonstrates his love for her by showing the extremes to which he will go in order to keep her from using words that will get her into trouble with the dangerous Nazi Party.

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