FAQ: What is a cda?

What is a CDA equivalent to?

A CDA is not an associate degree but a professional certification issued by the Council for Professional Recognition. Some colleges offer CDA courses that also award college credits which can then be used towards degree programs. According to the BLS, some states and employers require childcare workers to have a CDA.

Is a CDA a degree?

A CDA is a credential for those interested in a career in early childhood education, but it is not an associate’s degree.

How long does it take to get a CDA in childcare?

The CDA Training Takes 120 Hours

The CDA classes can be finished in a month, or you may take a year. If you work on the CDA training 10 hours per week, then it will take 3 months to complete the 120 hours of CDA training.

What is a CDA certification good for?

The CDA® credential is valid for three years from the awarded date. You may apply to renew your CDA® credential 90 days before it expires.

How much does a CDA make an hour?

National Average

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $66,500 $32
75th Percentile $45,000 $22
Average $39,745 $19
25th Percentile $25,000 $12

Is a CDA worth it?

Having a CDA credential helps qualify you for more jobs by showing potential future employers that you have reached a professional level of skill and knowledge. Muhs explains that while a CDA credential may not always be required by employers, it holds great value.

What kind of job can I get with a CDA certificate?

Job Options You Can Use With Your CDA Certificate

  • Social work aide.
  • Mental health counselor.
  • Family social worker.
  • If you’re ready start fresh with your career with your CDA certificate, ProSolutions Training can help jumpstart your next step.
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Can you teach pre K with a CDA?

PreK teachers work in classrooms and day care centers teaching and caring for children who are younger than kindergarten age. A Child Development Associate (CDA) certificate and state certification is also usually necessary.

How long is a CDA good for?

The CDA Credential is valid for a period of three years.

How much does the CDA exam cost?

The price for the CDA exam is $450. You must meet eligibility requirements to take the CDA exam.

What is a passing score for CDA exam?

Each of the CDA exams is scored on a scale of zero to 100. You’ll need to earn a 70 or higher to pass a CDA test.

Can you fail CDA exam?

Candidates do not receive a pass or fail score on the CDA Exam and Verification Visit. Rather, the Council comprehensively evaluates how Candidates score in each of the thirteen CDA Functional Areas on the CDA Exam and during the CDA Verification Visit to make a credentialing decision.

How do you qualify for CDA?

What do I have to do to be eligible for a CDA Credential?

  1. You must have a high school diploma or be a high school junior or senior in an early education/child development Career and Technical Program.
  2. Any time before you apply: Complete 120 clock hours of professional education covering the eight CDA Subject Areas.

Can you be a director with a CDA?

Any program director qualified after September 1, 2012 with a CDA must have and maintain a valid CDA to be and remain qualified as a program director. (f) 60 semester hours with 18 semester hours in early childhood education or child development and 1920 hours of experience.

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