What is the setting of the book the outsiders


What are the settings in the outsiders?

The action of The Outsiders takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the 1960s. Ponyboy explains that the greasers rule the poorer East Side of town, while the Socs run the wealthier West Side of town.

Why is the setting of the outsiders important to the story?

Setting is where and when a story takes place. The setting of The Outsiders affects the plot because the story is set in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1965. The real rivalry between greasers and Socs in American cities in the 1960s is pivotal to the plot. … The rumble in The Outsiders is the climax.

What month is the outsiders set?


What is the setting in Chapter 1 of the outsiders?

The story is placed in Oklahoma during the 1960s. In the first chapter, Ponyboy introduces himself and gives a brief history of his family. He also describes the relationships between his gang members, and the relationships within his own family.

Did sodapop get Sandy pregnant?

Sodapop told Ponyboy he was sure he was going to marry Sandy. However, when she got pregnant, she left to go live with her grandmother in Florida. … She is mentioned once in the film, but Sodapop never says she moved or got pregnant.

What are 3 themes of the outsiders?

The Outsiders Themes

  • Divided Communities. Ponyboy stands in the middle of two major conflicts: the conflict between the Socs and greasers, and the conflict between Ponyboy and Darry within the Curtis family. …
  • Empathy. …
  • Preserving Childhood Innocence. …
  • Self-Sacrifice and Honor. …
  • Individual Identity.
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Who died in outsiders?

Dallas Winston, greaser and hood, dies when he is shot by the police. His death is likely a suicide of sorts. After Johnny dies, Dally is overwhelmed with grief and anger. He goes on a rampage to cope (or to avoid coping) with his grief, and while Dally is robbing a grocery store, the police arrive.

Is the outsiders a true story?

Outsiders, a new series which tells the story of a secret clan in the Appalachians and the battle to keep their land, premieres this week on WGN. Creator Peter Mattei says his inspiration for the new series came from an odd place: Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood.

What is the main conflict of the outsiders?

major conflict Against the background of the clash between the poor greasers and the rich Socs, the greaser Ponyboy struggles to mature. rising action Johnny kills a Soc; Johnny and Ponyboy flee; tension mounts between the greasers and Socs.

How did ponyboy lose his innocence?

Chapter 12

Innocence 10: Ponyboy loses his innocent, immature desire to pretend that his friends haven’t died. He accepts it, losing his innocence, but not his hope. Terrible things do happen, he now understands, but they can have good effects. Ponyboy decides to try to change things, rather than hide from the truth.

Why is the outsiders a banned book?

This book has been banned from some schools and libraries because of the portrayal of gang violence, underage smoking and drinking, strong language/slang, and family dysfunction. However, in many U.S. schools, the book is part of the English curriculum at the middle- or high-school level.

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How old is 2bit?

Keith “Two-Bit” Mathews (spelled Matthews in the film credits) is eighteen and a half, and still a Junior in high school. and a supporting character in The Outsiders. He is the “oldest and the wisecracker of the bunch.” He’s the 2nd oldest, behind Darry (who’s 20), and is known for stealing.

Who is Twobits girlfriend?

Kathy is assumed to be Two-Bit’s girlfriend or date, and not to be mistaken as his younger sister.

Why do SOCS hate greasers?

The Greasers and the Socs had a different way of living and their hate towards each other is shown in different ways from both sides. The Socs hate the Greasers because of the way they dress, the way they look, and the way they are, so they just walk up to them and beat them.

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