What is the book monster about


What is the main idea of the book monster?

Walter Dean Myer’s book Monster depicts how the American legal system functions. The primary theme of the story is to examine how a person who commits a crime is arrested, convicted, tried, and punished. This book looks at the legal system through the eyes of a young, African American teenager.

What happens in the book monster?

The novel ends with Steve’s thoughts five months after the trial. King has been sentenced to 25 years to life, Bobo is still in jail, and Osvaldo has recently been arrested for stealing a car. Steve admits that his mother does not understand him and that his father has moved away.

What are some themes in the book monster?


  • Lies & Deceit.
  • Betrayal.
  • Versions of Reality.
  • Family.
  • Fear.
  • Violence.
  • Justice.
  • Isolation.

Is the book monster based on a true story?

Feb. 13 —, 2004 — The Academy Awards are coming up with Charlize Theron favored to win the Best Actress award for her role in Monster, which claims it is “based on a true story.” But it is not as true as you might think.

What is the conflict of monster?

The main conflict in Monster is internal, as Steve struggles to survive his incarceration and interactions with the criminal justice system. The longer Steve is in jail and on trial, the more challenges he faces in maintaining his identity.

What is the climax of monster?

The climax of Monster is the jury’s verdict. The trial has been the focal point of the novel. Whether Steve will be found guilty or not guilty has been the driving force of the narrative. … As the guards move away from him, the climax is achieved when the jury finds Steve not guilty.

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Is Steve from Monster guilty?

In the novel Monster, the jury finds James King guilty of felony murder, but the narrator and protagonist, Steve Harmon, not guilty. … In her closing statement, Steve’s lawyer, O’Brien, tells the jury that Steve is not guilty.

Why is Steve not guilty in Monster?

We know Steve Harmon is innocent because there’s no proof he was in the drugstore that day, he knew better then to mess up his future and to trust people he barely knew and finally that the guys on trial were using him so they could get a shorter sentence.

Who died in monster book?


What theme means?

noun. a subject of discourse, discussion, meditation, or composition; topic: The need for world peace was the theme of the meeting. a unifying or dominant idea, motif, etc., as in a work of art.

What does Steve’s blanket symbolize in Monster?

Steve’s movie script and journal entries

His blanket symbolizes safety and comfort. This is due to the fact that when he is under his blanket, he can pretend he’s anywhere, such as in his room back in Harlem and no in the scary place he really is.

Why is the book called Monster?

The novel is titled Monster because Steve Harmon, the novel’s protagonist, is referred to as a monster by the prosecuting attorney at the beginning of the trial. This drastically affects Steve’s perception of himself throughout the novel, and he begins to believe he is a monster.

WHO calls Steve a monster?

Sandra Petrocelli

How did Mr Nesbitt died in Monster?

Expert Answers info

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On the witness stand, Dr. Moody testifies that Aguinaldo Nesbitt died from internal organ trauma and his lungs filling with blood: all from just a single bullet. In layman’s terms, Mr. Nesbitt drowned in his own blood, which by anyone’s standards is a pretty unpleasant way to go.

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