How to book a flight for a minor online


How do I book an unaccompanied minor flight?

To book a reservation for an unaccompanied minor, you must contact Reservations at 800-325-8847 to ensure that the travel is correctly documented. When you book, the adult making the reservation will provide a 4-digit PIN configuration that will be required to make any changes to the itinerary.

Can I book a flight for a minor on Expedia?

Many airlines welcome unaccompanied minors on their flights. Please be aware that Expedia Flights will not book flights for unaccompanied minors under age 15. … Similarly, children over 15 may not be eligible for unaccompanied minor service. Fee: Some airlines may charge a fee for unaccompanied minor service.25 мая 2012 г.

Which airlines allow under 16s to fly alone?

What airlines allow unaccompanied minors to fly?

  • Aer Lingus. Unaccompanied children under 12 years old can’t travel. …
  • Air Europa. …
  • Alaska Airlines. …
  • American Airlines. …
  • Blue Panorama. …
  • British Airways. …
  • Delta. …
  • Easyjet.

How do you get your plane tickets when you buy them online?

Step 1. Book your reservations and purchase your ticket online, either through an airline website or on a travel-comparison site such as, or After the airline has charged your credit card, you’ll receive a confirmation number by e-mail.

What airline has the cheapest unaccompanied minor fee?


Which airlines are best for unaccompanied minors?

Here are the Unaccompanied Minor policies for major North American airlines.

  • Frontier Airlines. …
  • Hawaiian Airlines. Link: Hawaiian Airlines. …
  • JetBlue. Link: JetBlue. …
  • Southwest. Link: Southwest. …
  • Spirit. Link: Spirit. …
  • United Airlines. Link: United Airlines. …
  • Virgin America. Link: Virgin America. …
  • WestJet. Link: WestJet.
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Can a 17 year old get on a plane alone?

Children younger than 5 can’t travel as unaccompanied minors, even if they’re flying with an older unaccompanied child. Young adults ages 15-17 can travel alone on any United- or United Express®-operated flight, or they can choose to opt in to our unaccompanied minor service.

What airlines can you fly alone at 13?

After age 11, however, airline policies differ widely. United, Continental and American allow children to travel alone from the age of 12, while JetBlue lets them travel solo from 14. Delta, Spirit and US Airways, however, all require children under 15 to travel in the unaccompanied minor programs.

What is unaccompanied minor service?

Unaccompanied Minor Service (UMS)

Unaccompanied Minor Service is the special service which airlines provide for unaccompanied minors. This service is commonly abbreviated to ‘UMS’. The quality of the service may vary depending on the airline, and the staff delivering the service.

Can I fly alone at 14?

Airlines generally consider children between the ages of 5 and 14 who travel without a parent or guardian to be “unaccompanied minors.” For kids between 15 and 17, unaccompanied minor service is typically optional. … Some airlines—Southwest, for example—will not allow any minor (5 – 11) to change planes.

What kind of ID does a minor need to fly alone?

Even though an unaccompanied minor does not typically need to show identification, adults accompanying the minor through the airport do need to bring their own identification to complete the process. It’s also recommended to have your child’s birth certificate or passport handy as well.

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Can you get on a plane at 16?

In the airline industry, any passenger under the age of 16 is considered a child. Depending on the airline, there are different rules regarding how old your child can be to travel alone. Some airlines offer an escort or chaperone service, whilst others allow older children to fly independently.

Can I print my plane ticket at the airport?

Yes, You can print your boarding pass at the airport. … you can print a boarding pass before you head to the airport or from any self-service kiosk once you’re there.

Can I pick up my plane ticket at the airport?

You can pick up tickets at the airport. … So you can get tickets without purchasing them prior to a flight at the ticketing counter (not check-in counter). Or you can get the tickets from the airlines ticketing counter if purchased prior to arriving at the airport.

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