How many pages does the book holes have


How many chapters does the book holes have?

50 chapters

Why is holes a banned book?

Holes is banned because in a 5th grade American class, in Connors Emerson School, America, the book was read out loud , which caused an uproar among their parents. They thought it was an inappropriate book to read to 9 year olds.

How long does it take to read the book holes?

2 hours and 37 minutes

What grade level is the book holes?

Now Stanley has been unjustly sent to a boys’ detention center, Camp Green Lake, where the warden makes the boys “build character” by spending all day, every day, digging holes five feet wide and five feet deep.

By Louis Sachar.Guided Reading LevelVLexile® Measure660LDRA Level50

Why don t the lizards bite Stanley and Zero?

In chapter 45, Stanley and Zero discover that they have fallen into a lizard nest and are surrounded by the notorious yellow-spotted lizards. … The reason that the lizards do not bite either Stanley or Zero is because both boys have been eating nothing but onions for the past few days.

Why does Stanley dig a final hole?

Why does Stanley want to dig one more hole? Stanley wanted to find the chest with the treasure in it. Why did Zero fill the bottom of their hole with rocks? So he could separate the water from the mud.

Is Fight Club book better than movie?

The book is great, and I recommend it. It is an amazingly quick read – partly because it is on the short side, but also because it just flows very quickly. If you like Fight Club’s style (the movie or the book), read Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk. …

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Is Camp Green Lake real?

Camp Green Lake is on the site of a dried up lake in the fictional county of Calhoun county, Texas. Camp Green Lake is based on a real town in Texas called Green Lake.

Is holes a true story?

No, Holes is not a true story. It is a fictional novel for children and young adults.

Is Kissin Kate Barlow real?

Katherine Barlow. Miss Katherine Barlow, (1860s-1920), also known as Kissin’ Kate Barlow, was a former teacher, turned outlaw at Green Lake, Texas.

How did Kate Barlow die?

Kate dies when a yellow-spotted lizard bites her foot, but dies laughing because the Walker family will never find her treasure. The lipstick tube that Stanley finds during his second week at Camp Green Lake was owned by Kate Barlow.

What age group is holes for?

Use these questions to start a discussion with your child about Holes by Louis Sachar, a Flashlight Readers favorite for grades 3–8. Read the book yourself, too, so you can better discuss the story and enjoy the online activities together.

Is holes appropriate for 10 year olds?

Too dark for younger kids

This book is not terribly difficult reading, but the content really isn’t appropriate for young children. It is quite violent and, at times, sadistic. While the overall themes are friendship, loyalty, and redemption (all positive), the book contains a planned racially motivated lynchin …

What reading level is Harry?

Harry Potter Books Harry Potter BooksTitleLexile RankGrade Reading LevelHarry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone / Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone880L5-6Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets940L5-6Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban880L5-6Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire880L5-6

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