How long is the hobbit book


How long does it take to read the Hobbit?

6 hours and 26 minutes

Why is The Hobbit a banned book?

The Hobbit is banned for one particular reason. That reason is witchcraft and magical creatures. The reason it is banned for this is because some older people within a community who are strong in their faith believe that kids should not read about these absurd tales and creatures.

How many words are in the Hobbit book?

95,356 words

How long was Bilbo gone?

Bilbo, on the other hand, travels a total of 950 miles in 172 days — an average of just 5.52 miles per day. And the Company makes the 397-mile trek from Bag End to Rivendell in 39 days at a more leisurely average of 10.17 miles per day.31 мая 2014 г.

Should I read Hobbit or LOTR first?

You don’t need to have read The Hobbit to understand the LotR, though there are many references to Bilbo’s journey in the trilogy. There are many fine versions of The Hobbit. The text itself should be pretty much the same in any edition.

Can you read 400 pages in a day?

If you read only 30 page an hour, you could read a 400 page book in about 13 hours. If you read any faster than 30 pages an hour you can save a lot of time. … When a book works on both levels, churning through it in a day is very possible.

Is the word hobbit copyrighted?

“Hobbit” is a trademarked term by the Tolkien Estate. … You can write stories about Hobbits all day long, and publish them, and make money from them, if it’s clear to your readers that you’re not writing about J.R.R. Tolkien’s hobbits.

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When did the hobbit became popular?

They were popular initially but sales of The Hobbit (published in 1937) and The Lord of the Rings (beginning in 1954) exploded in the mid-1960s, driven by a young generation charmed by Tolkien’s imaginative abundance, the splendour of his tales from a pre-Christian time and his obsessive cataloguing of the history, …

Is the word ORC copyrighted?

No, they’re not because that’s not how trademark or copyright works. Tolkien’s books are in copyright, which means that you can’t reproduce any part of them without acknowledging where they’re from. … Trademark is more commonly attached to something that’s being sold and orcs are an idea and not a logo or a product.

Which LOTR book is the longest?

The Fellowship of the Ring

How many pages is 120000 words?

240.0 pages

How many words are in Twilight?

119,000 words

Did Bilbo Baggins die?

On September 29, he, Gandalf, Elrond, Galadriel, and Frodo boarded a ship docked at the Grey Havens and sailed away from Middle-earth. His fate afterward is not known but as he too was a mortal being, he most likely died in the light of the Blessed Realm of Valinor.

How old is Smaug?

Smaug was at very least ~180 years old by the time he was slain.

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