Why is the book called persepolis


What is the meaning of the title Persepolis?

Persepolis: Significance of the title

The name ‘Persepolis’ refers to the capital city of the Persian Empire in 560 BCE and is another reference to Iran’s history. ‘ It is the name of ancient Persia’s ceremonial capital, dating back some 2,500 years.

What is the purpose of the book Persepolis?

Persepolis was not originally written in Farsi, Satrapi’s first language, but in French. She did not write her book for an Iranian audience. Satrapi’s goal was to provide an alternative outlook into Iran for “westerners” who consumed the false and negative media attention given to Iran at that time.

Why did Marjane Satrapi write Persepolis?

Marjane Satrapi wrote Persepolis as a memoir of her life growing up in Iran in order to unfold details of the normal life she had experienced.

Why is Persepolis a good book?

A humorous and haunting memoir of a young girl in Iran by Marjane Satrapi, Persepolis is an absolutely amazing book, filled with happiness, grief and moments of childhood in a world where all children are forced to grow up. … So she takes refuge in God and reading all the books she can.6 мая 2014 г.

What is the message of Persepolis?

Throughout Marjane Satrapi’s autobiographical graphic novel, Persepolis, education is an important theme. The main messages are that education is essential for a person to have true freedom, but also that institutionalized education cannot always be trusted.

Why is Persepolis famous?

The city’s immense terrace was begun about 518 BCE by Darius the Great, the Achaemenid Empire’s king. … Persepolis was the seat of government of the Achaemenid Empire, though it was designed primarily to be a showplace and spectacular centre for the receptions and festivals of the kings and their empire.

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Where is Persepolis banned?


What are the main themes of Persepolis?

Persepolis Themes

  • Religion, Repression, and Modernity. …
  • Nationalism, Heroism, and Martyrdom. …
  • Violence, Forgiveness, and Justice. …
  • Children, War, and Growing Up. …
  • The Personal vs. …
  • Gender.

What is the main conflict in Persepolis?

Conflict1. What is the primary conflict that moves the story forward?- The primary conflict in Persepolis is Marjane versus herself. She hides the fact that she is from Iran because she feels that being from Iran is embarrassing.

What religion is Marjane Satrapi?

By Marjane Satrapi

The regime wants everyone to follow Islam to the letter… or else say hello to your water torture chamber. Marjane is actually devoutly religious—she believes in God, and she has strong faith.

Is Persepolis based on a true story?

‘Persepolis’ Tells The Story Of Growing Up During The Islamic Revolution … … Unlike so many other comics-turned-movies, this one is not only true to the spirit of the original work, but the author is actually one of the filmmakers, because (also unlike so many other comics) this one is based on a true story: her story.

How old is Marjane at the end of Persepolis?

So You Think You Can Prophesize. Marjane is ten years old in 1980 when the novel begins. She goes by the name Marji, and she’s not your average girl.

How long does it take to read Persepolis?

5 hours and 41 minutes

Is Persepolis a memoir?

Wise, funny, and heartbreaking, “Persepolis is Marjane Satrapi’s memoir of growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. … Intensely personal, profoundly political, and wholly original, “Persepolis is at once a story of growing up and a reminder of the human cost of war and political repression.

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