What is the book chains about


What is the main idea of the book chains?

The main idea of Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson is the hardship of slavery before and during the American Revolution. This main idea is furthered through the character of Isabel, a young slave, who lives with abusive owners (the Locktons) in New York City.

What happens in the book chains?

“Chains” is the story of thirteen-year-old slave Isabel’s journey to discover her inner strength and fight for her freedom amidst the depravity of slavery and the upheaval of the Revolutionary War that divided America. The novel opens on the day of Miss Mary Finch’s funeral.

In which colony does the story chains begin?

Rhode Island

Why did Laurie Halse Anderson write chains?

It was Benjamin Franklin who set me on the path to write Chains. Benjamin Franklin held people in slavery his entire adult life. I realized that I did not understand the extent of slavery in colonial America. …

Is the book chains based on a true story?

Though the novel is fictional, the events in the story are actual events that occurred back then in the colonies.

What is the climax of the book chains?

The climax for this novel is when the British invaded New york in 1776. They invaded when Isabel and Madam Lockten were in church and suddenly bombs went off and guns were being shot.

Does Ruth die in chains?

Had to ship her down to Charleston. I shall tell the estate manager to get rid of her, toss her in the swamp. Her death will be on your head, you insolent fool. Isabel thus discovers that Ruth is not actually lost and she resolves to do everything she can to rescue her and bring her to safety.

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What happened to Becky in chains?

In the book Becky serves Madam Lockton. … Sadly, Becky is of poor health and suffers from ailments throughout the book. She disappears when the British invade New York.

How did Isabel’s mother died in chains?

Chapter one is the chapter in which you meet most of the main characters that you will get to know through out the novel. In Chains, we meet Isabel and her little sister, Ruth. We learn that their mother, Dinah, died of smallpox.

How old is Ruth chains?

five years

How old is chains Curzon?

Isabel and Curzon are now 17 and 19, their relationship strained by years of travel, disagreement and stubbornness.

What is Ruth’s background in chains?

In Isabel’s words, Ruth is “simple-minded and prone to fits” (3.9), which is an 18th-century way of saying that she’s developmentally delayed and epileptic. She’s often given to seizures as a result of heightened emotion, stress, or loud noises, and becomes emotionally upset very easily.

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