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What I love about you book Amazon?

Frequently bought together

  • This item:What I Love About You by Kate Marshall Hardcover $10.29. …
  • Why I Love You: A Journal of Us (What I Love About You Journal) by Suzanne Zenkel Diary $10.99. …
  • Knock Knock What I Love about You Fill in the Love Book Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal, 4.5 x 3.25… by Knock Knock Diary $9.94.

What do you love about book ideas?

Here are some reasons/ideas:

  • You are an amazing Dad to our kids.
  • You can make me smile for no reason.
  • You always make me laugh.
  • You send me flowers for no reason.
  • You make me think positive when I’m negative.
  • You can see the best in me.
  • You cook me dinner sometimes.
  • You always come up with crazy things to do.

What J love about you book?

This little book contains fill-in-the-blank lines describing some aspect of your affection for your beloved. Just complete each line and voilà: you have a uniquely personal gift your loved one will read again and again. Make it as mushy, racy, or witty as you choose!

Why do I love a journal of us?

Your Love Story

Either way, Why I Love You: A Journal of Us is ready to become a cherished tribute to the pair of you. From your favorite songs to the things only you know about each other, prompts and questions offer opportunities for reflection, affection, and fun.

Why do you love a person?

You are doing everything to become a better person for yourself and for us. You make an effort with my friends and family, because you know how much they mean to me. I love how you put so much thought into everything you do for me. You have an innate ability to protect and take care of me.

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What do I love about myself?

20 Things I Freaking Love About Myself

  • I love my freckles. …
  • I love the birth mark on my right arm. …
  • I make the best mint chocolate chip cookies. …
  • I love my clothes folding ability. …
  • I am caring. …
  • I am a loyal friend—a real one. …
  • I like to make people smile. …
  • I have the ability to be happy for other people at their highs, even if I’m in a rut myself.

What can I put in a jar of love?


  • THANK YOU MESSAGES. Write a reason why you are grateful for your sweetheart. …
  • TODAY I LOVE YOU MORE BECAUSE… Make a note of what makes you love your dear one more than you did yesterday.

Why do I love my mom’s list?

75 Reasons Why I Love My Mom

  • She’s always cheerful.
  • She’s very creative.
  • She gives good advice.
  • She’s a great teacher.
  • She’s a talented musician.
  • She plays the piano, fiddle and guitar.
  • She’s a wonderful cook.
  • She taught me how to make up my own recipes.

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Why I’m grateful for you book?

Simply fill in the blanks of this diminutive volume and voilà: it becomes a personalized gift someone you’re thankful for will read again and again. Make it as appreciative, affirming, or adorable as you please!

What is a love book?

The LoveBook® Book Building System lets you tell that story by listing all those special reasons why you love them. … We offer the ability to create a LoveBook for almost any occasion for a wide variety of relationship types.

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What I love about you and your memories book?

What I Love About You and Our Memories Paperback – October 17, 2019. This is a fill-in-the blank book which helps you to express your deep inner connection and the memories you share with your partner. This book shows him/her how much they mean to you and what kind of an impact they have in your life.

What can I write in my boyfriends book as a gift?

“I saw this book and immediately thought of you. Thank you for always being such a thoughtful and caring friend.” Sometimes the best gifts are ones given for no particular reason. An inscription like this lets people know you were thinking of them.

Why do I love Suzanne zenkel?

Designed to be filled out by one partner and given to the other, or to be explored together, this guided journal offers insight and fun as you write your own love story in your own words.

What do I love about you quotes?

I am me when I am with you. You motivate me every single day to be a better me. One of the things I love about you is that you never forget to send me you are my life quotes to make me feel special. I love you because you have always been so supportive of me and my dreams in ways that I could not have imagined.

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