How to make a pecs book


How do you get pecs with autism?

PECS can be created by using a digital camera to take pictures of familiar items or by using cartoons and/or other available pictures from the Internet. Laminating pictures and words can make these useful items more durable.

What is a PEC book?

Individuals learn to select from two or more pictures to ask for their favorite things. These are placed in a PECS Communication Book—a ringed binder with self-adhesive hook fastener strips where pictures are stored and easily removed for communication.

How do I make a communication binder?

How to Make a Communication Binder

  1. a computer and printer.
  2. a thin three-ring binder.
  3. 10 three-hole clear page protectors.
  4. 5 three-hole page dividers.
  5. markers and pencil crayons.
  6. stickers and stick-on labels.
  7. glue or tape.

What are the six phases of pecs?

The Six Phases of the Picture Exchange Communication System Are:

  • PECS PHASE I: How to Communicate. …
  • PECS PHASE II: Distance and Persistence. …
  • PECS PHASE III: Picture Discrimination. …
  • PECS PHASE IV: Sentence Structure. …
  • PECS PHASE V: Answering Questions. …
  • PECS PHASE VI: Commenting.

What are Pecs symbols?

PECS is a type of Augmentative and Alternative Communication that uses visual symbols to teach the learner to communicate with parents, carers, teachers and peers. The aim is to teach intentional, functional communication and to allow users to communicate their wants and needs.

Is Pecs only for autism?

PECS is only for people with autism.

PECS was developed at the Delaware Autism Program in the United States and did therefore have its origins in the field of autism intervention.

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Is Pecs part of ABA?

Description:, PECS is a methodology that uses pictures and other symbols to develop a functional communication system for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) based upon the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA).

What does pecs stand for in English?

PECS stands for Picture Exchange Communication System. It is an alternative communication system developed in 1985 by Andy Bondy and Lori Frost, to help children affected by autism convey their thoughts and needs.

What body part is pecs?

The pectoral major may colloquially be referred to as “pecs”, “pectoral muscle” or “chest muscle” due to it being the largest and most superficial muscle in the chest area.

Are Pecs effective?

The researchers concluded that PECS is effective in helping children with autism use pictures to communicate; however, evidence that PECS helps children acquire vocal speech is not as strong, perhaps because the quality and quantity of research on speech outcomes has been insufficient to produce a clear pattern of …

What are pecks on a man?

Pectoral muscles (colloquially referred to as “pecs”) are the muscles that connect the front of the human chest with the bones of the upper arm and shoulder.

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