How to flatten wrinkled book pages


How do I flatten a wavy book in pages?

Place the warped book between two flat, heavy objects, such as cinder blocks or 20-pound dumbbell weights resting inside a baking pan, as an alternative to the clamp method. The longer you leave the books tightly clamped in a cool, dry area, the straighter your pages will become.

How do I flatten pages?

How to flatten crinkled pages in a book

  1. If the pages are still wet, they must be dried first by blowing with a fan, or they will stick together. …
  2. If only a few pages are crinkled, lift up the pages and place several sheets of clean paper on either side. …
  3. Lay a 12×12 inch piece of ½-inch thick steel or aluminum plate under the pages and on top of the pages.

How do you fix wrinkled pages in the Bible?


Place copier paper above and below the wrinkled page, and iron for 15 seconds or so on high. Turn the page and iron the back as well if desired. While nothing will get a Bible page back to 100% flat, this will ameliorate much of the wrinkling.

How do you fix a wet wrinkled book?

How to Save a Soaking Wet Book

  1. Shake out excess water. If the book is soaking wet, don’t lose hope that it can’t be saved. …
  2. Wipe down cover. …
  3. Lay down a dry washcloth or paper towel sheets. …
  4. Place the book upright to dry. …
  5. Place paper towel sheets or rags between the pages. …
  6. Leave the book to sit in place.
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Can you iron wet book pages?

For a more thorough effort, allow the book to air dry (or mostly air dry) upright, then with the book lying flat and open to a wet page, place a tissue over the page and press with a low iron. Repeat with each wet page.

What causes books to warp?

The main reason book covers warp is due to an imbalance of forces. Moisture is being taken on or given off at different rates by the various materials that make up the book. … Problem: If books dry out in the winter due to low humidity or in the summer due to high heat, the covers may warp.

Why do book pages get wavy?

Wet book pages have a tendency to dry into wavy, folded patterns that can make them hard to read. … If you accidentally got your favorite book wet or left it in a humid area, you don’t have to go out and buy a new one!

Can you iron paper to flatten?

Ironing a piece of paper under a towel or cloth will make it flat, but the wrinkle and crease lines will usually still be visible.

How do you flatten an old document?

The safest way to unroll very tight or brittle paper is by scrolling the rolled paper onto a progressively larger archival-quality tube after each session in the humidity chamber. Place a hygrometer or paper relative humidity indicator in the chamber with the papers to monitor changes in relative humidity.

How do you dry out a Bible?

When a Book is Damp

  1. Stand a damp book on its head or tail, fanned open a little bit, and position a fan so that the flow of air circulates into and around the book.
  2. If the covers are damper than the text block, place absorbent paper between them.
  3. When almost but not completely dry, go to the final air drying step.
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Can I iron a book?

If the pages are wavy, you can either place a heavy object on top of the book in an attempt to flatten them out (leaving the book to compress for a few weeks, if possible), or you can iron your pages by placing a cloth on top of each page as you press the iron down.

How do you fix a bent paper?


  1. Set the paper you want to flatten under a towel. Set the paper you want to flatten under a towel. …
  2. Set your iron to a low heat. …
  3. Press the iron into the towel using a circular motion. …
  4. After a minute, check the paper. …
  5. Also, to get rid of a few wrinkles, get a heavy book, and lay it on top of the paper.

How do you fix a wrinkled book?

You can remove many creases from a book cover or its pages. Pressure is one common way to force a crease out of a page, while steam is another way. Flatten the creased page with your hand, then close the book. If the book cover is creased, bend it back into place gently.

How do you save a water damaged book?

Cover drying surface with plastic sheeting & absorbent paper (e.g. unprinted newsprint). Stand damp books on head or tail, slightly fanned. If the cover is damper than the text, place absorbent paper between the boards and book, change them as needed. Use fans to circulate air to dry the books completely.

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