How do you take apart a wd my book


How do I open my WD external hard drive case?

Western Digital My Book – Opening the Case – Removing the Drive

  1. Locate the two rubber pads on the bottom of the enclosure near the front, curved surface. …
  2. Slide the clear plastic LED front panel conduit forward and remove.
  3. Rotate the hard drive/carrier assembly sideways and then lift away from the case.
  4. Remove the two screws holding the metal connector casing.

How do I access my external hard drive book?

How to Use a My Book External Hard Drive

  1. Insert the My Book power adapter into the back of the hard drive, and plug the other end into a standard electrical outlet. …
  2. Connect the My Book external hard drive to your PC computer using a USB cable.
  3. Open the “Start” menu and click on the “My Computer” icon.

How do I access files on my WD Passport?

Open SmartWare and read Help about Retrieve tab. You can view all the saved folders and files or retrieve them. Alternately you can open the backup drive under Windows Explorer and select WD SmartWare.

Can I connect WD My Book Live directly to computer?

WD 2go web access provides fee-free remote access to your My Book Live personal cloud storage. Once you log in, WD 2go mounts My Book Live to your computer like a local drive and provides access to your remote folders from any Mac or PC. Seamlessly open, save as, and attach files to emails from this virtual drive.

How do I access my book live on my network?

The way forward to access your My Book Live is:

  1. Open your file browser.
  2. In the Network pane under Storage section, you should see your My Book Live device.
  3. RIGHT click that icon, select Open option.
  4. A file browser will appear, you now should have access to your My Book Live storage.
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How do I use WD Backup?

Click “My Own Backup Items,” and then select the libraries and folders you want to back up on the Smart Picks tab. If you want to back up all of the libraries and folders suggested by the program, click “Select All.” Click the “Select” button after choosing the data sources you want to back up on the WD Passport drive.

Why is my WD My Book Not working?

The quick fix for this is to turn off and unplug the MyBook, and then give it a few sharp taps around the power button to dislodge it. Once this has been done, plug it back in and start it up again, and hopefully the device will be working. Be sure if you tap the drive that you do so firmly but not violently.

How do you get a hard drive out of a case?

Unplug all plugs leading to the external hard drive. Unscrew all screws on outer casing or pull plastic moldings off the case. Open up the external hard drive case and locate all plugs inside leading from case to hard drive. Unscrew any screws in the bottom of the hard drive.

What kind of drive is in WD My Passport?

WD My Passport SSD review: Almost everything you’d want in a portable drive. The good The My Passport SSD is rugged, light and super compact. The drive uses USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C to deliver fast performance.

How do I fix my WD Passport not recognized?

If you encounter these issues, take the following solutions to fix it right now.

  1. Solution 1. Plug It into Another USB Port. …
  2. Solution 2. Change USB Cable. …
  3. Solution 3. Change Drive Letter. …
  4. Solution 4. Reinstall USB Controller. …
  5. Solution 5. Update WD Device Driver. …
  6. Solution 6. …
  7. About WD My Passport Ultra. …
  8. Bottom Line.
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