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As a writer I enjoyed meeting and greeting authors – some I had previously met at writers’ conference. It was a great Beaver County Opportunity for community outreach and to share reading and writing with others who are as enthusiastic as I am.

I am a little bit published, very unfamous writer but hope to participate next year as an author.

Kay Mills, BookFest attendee 2015

As an author, I greatly enjoyed meeting new readers. The Beaver County Book Fest was flawlessly run and it showed. I can’t wait for 2016’s event!

Stephanie Keyes, Author 2015

Tremendous congratulations to you on the success of BookFest!!! I think you were able to tap into a community within the Beaver County area that no one has ever thought existed before BookFest! I also could not imagine a more intimate setting than downtown Bridgewater. I thought it was totally awesome!!

Beth Schiemer, Author 2009

We enjoyed being part of the Book Festival. So much wonderful energy and goodwill! Thanks for a job remarkably well done. Will look forward to 2009.

Judy Robinson, Author 2009

What a great book festival you all have put together! Thanks for the photos and for the invitation to attend. I’ll be hoping it’s the first of a long line of such festivals in your beautiful little town.

Anna Smucker, Author 2009

We had a great time at the BookFest in Bridgewater. We ate lunch and bought lots of books. We hope you have it again next year. We already have more people lined up to come with us.

Kim Long & Volynda Teets, BookFest attendees 2009

I grew up in Beaver County and just heard abut the book festival. What a great idea! I really love that you are getting kids involved. Oh man, I wish something like that was there when I was growing up.

Mollie Cox Bryan, BookFest attendee 2009

Thank you so much for organizing, advertising, and socializing the first annual BookFest!

Great idea and a great job. Continued success for next year…

Michele Morris-Donner, BookFest attendee 2009

It’s easy to show up, throw some stuff on a table and talk to people. It’s entirely something else to make an event like this happen. The event exceeded my best-case expectations by a mile.

Mark Levine, Featured Author 2009

It was such a pleasure to join you at the festival yesterday. What a delightful afternoon! I enjoyed meeting and chatting with everyone. I think all of your hard work really paid off. All the people I met seemed to be having a great time. Thanks so much for including me.

Nancy Martin, Featured Author 2009

BookFest provided a symposium of authors that was greatly needed in our area. The concept of putting everyone together in one place at one time was totally awesome! I bought several books and I have been reading ever since. Who knew all that talent was so close?! I can’t wait until next year.

Pamala Learn, BookFest attendee 2009

I just wanted to tell you guys that you did a fantastic job with the book fest. We wish we could have stayed longer.

Hope it becomes an annual event!

Karen Cynkar, BookFest attendee 2009

I am thrilled that I got in on the ground level with the kickoff of the first ever Bridgewater BookFest. It is difficult to imagine (even for an imaginative writer) just how future BookFests will be better … but I am certain that you will find a way to exceed expectations each time.

The day was not only productive from a financial standpoint (which it was indeed), it proved to be a success from many angles. BookFest was a mecca of fun, education, support, information and networking. The amount of talent that was swirling around that one small street in Bridgewater was absolutely incredible and infectious. And yet, it was overshadowed by the level of camaraderie between new friends helping and sharing with each other in any way possible.

Once again, I thank you both; it was truly an honor to be a part of BookFest ’08. I am already looking forward to BookFest ’09!

Debbie Mancini-Wilson, Author 2009

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"It’s easy to show up, throw some stuff on a table and talk to people. It’s entirely something else to make an event like this happen. The event exceeded my best-case expectations by a mile."
Mark Levine, Featured BookFest Author (2010), author of "The Fine Print of Self-Publishing"

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