Cat Bruno

Pittsburgh-based, bestselling fantasy author Cat Bruno creates superhero-like protagonists and complex villains in her mythology-laced series, Pathway of the Chosen. Midwest Book Review praised Ms. Bruno's debut novel, The Girl from the North, as "Exceptional entertainment with deftly created characters and unexpected plot twists."

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R. L. Roush

Ramona lives in Rochester, Pennsylvania. She write YA Science Fiction. Her first novel, The Eagle's Eyes, was published in 2014 by Red EnginePress. It weaves together a Native American myth, nanites, and the advertures of Kristen Elliot, and her brother, Lawrence. It is the first book in The Eyes Trilogy. The second [...]

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Cat Bruno

Having long dreamed of creating a series fit for both reading and viewing, Ms. Bruno's early start as a poet gives her a unique style that centers on vivid descriptions and settings. Her focus has always been on imagining strong, if imperfect, female characters and bringing diversity to the fantasy [...]

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