Kelly Haywiser

Kelly Haywiser is an inspirational women's advocate, educator, holistic lifestyle coach, and intuitive healer with over 20 years of experience providing therapies and training in holistic practices. She has helped women on their journey from feeling lost and empty to finding their passionate side through self-discovery exercises and much more.

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David Burhenn

David Burhenn was born in Beaver Falls, Pa. Fascinated with the overwhelming success of the Miller family in basketball and other pursuits, and especially after witnessing the positive effect that Coach John Miller had on his son and others, David decided to try to uncover the secret to the coach's success in [...]

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Carol A. Briney

Carol has combined her 30 years of business experience with her years of spiritual study to create a unique blend of Spiritual Prosperity. Her passion is to help people and businesses move from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY. She is an international motivational speaker, spiritual trainer, and author.  

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