Linda M. Au

Linda M. Au is an award-winning humor and fiction author with four books to her credit. A new humor book, Train of Thought, will debut at BookFest this year. Linda is the author liaison for BookFest and is also on other writing-related boards. She spends her free time binge-watching TV [...]

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Lynn Almengor

Lynn Almengor is a former indie filmmaker from Philadelphia, Pa. In a starred review, Booklist described her novel, Now That We’re Adults, as “poignant, quirky, cleverly humorous, and infinitely relatable.” When not writing, Lynn can usually be found playing video games, watching “bad” movies, or goofing off with her husband and [...]

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Gina Minick

Virginia Minick, aka Gina Blue, is a retired teacher. Her teaching career generated material for her first book, Desperately Seeking Humor, published in 2002. In her second book, Eva Blue (published in 2011), Gina shares her experiences of generational bonding through coloring books and crayons. Gina lives happily in Conneaut, Ohio.

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Rich Bottles Jr.

Butler County native Rich Bottles Jr. recently completed a trilogy of WV-themed "humorrorotica," which includes the novels Lumberjacked, Hellhole West Virginia, and The Manacled. He also edited and contributed to the Burning Bulb Publishing anthologies Westward Hoes, The Big Book of Bizarro, and Rise of the Dead.

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Linda M. Au

Humor writer and novelist Linda M. Au enjoys long walks on the beach...wait, no, she doesn't. She enjoys being walled up in her home office—with her coffee, typewriters, computer gadgets, Weird Al music, and her 4 office guinea pigs, Bob, Frid, Carl, and Steve. She also enjoys NaNoWriMo, crocheting, and reading. She's obviously an [...]

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Caroline Carlson

CAROLINE CARLSON is the author of The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates, a funny and fantastical series of novels for young readers. Her first book, Magic Marks the Spot, was a New York Times Editor’s Choice, an American Booksellers Association Best Book for Children, and a Junior Library Guild [...]

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