Larry Ivkovich

Larry Ivkovich’s short stories have been published in over twenty online and print markets. Published novels include urban fantasies The Sixth Precept and Warriors of the Light from IGWG Publishing. A finalist in the L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest, Larry was also the 2010 recipient of the [...]

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Gary Lee Vincent

Gary Lee Vincent is an accomplished author, musician, actor, producer and entrepreneur. In 2010, his horror novel Darkened Hills was selected as the Book of the Year winner by Foreword Reviews Magazine and became the pilot novel for a five-part series of vampire books called "Darkened."  He also co-authored Belly Timber with [...]

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Rich Bottles Jr.

Butler County native Rich Bottles Jr. recently completed a trilogy of WV-themed "humorrorotica," which includes the novels Lumberjacked, Hellhole West Virginia, and The Manacled. He also edited and contributed to the Burning Bulb Publishing anthologies Westward Hoes, The Big Book of Bizarro, and Rise of the Dead.

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Michelle Bowser

Michelle Bowser is the author of the bizarro comedies The Hags of Black County and Nuke Punk. Michelle grew up an only child in a haunted house, hidden in the middle of the woods. She now sits and ponders the absurdity of people's behavior on paper. Watch out, she could [...]

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