Ruth Ochs Webster

Ruth Webster was born and raised in Kentucky. She is retired from teaching U.S. History and language arts to middle-school-aged children. Ruth is a published newspaper columnist, essayist, and feature story writer. She won the fiction prize from the Backbone Mtn. Review in 2013. In Toe the Mark, Ruth combines [...]

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Linda Lamneck Medwig

Linda Medwig is a former preschool and kindergarten teacher, sales rep for Innisbrook Wraps, tutor, and now a first-time author. She graduated from West Liberty University in 1975. Linda's idea for a dream book came forty years ago while taking a children's literature class. Her mother, an artist,  did the [...]

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C.L. Lowry

C.L Lowry is a writer and graphic designer. He spent over five years in law enforcement and uses his experience to demand his readers’ attention. Lowry was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. His debut book won Best Anthologies at the 2016 New York Book Festival. Lowry also writes children’s [...]

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