Nancy K. Wallace

Nancy K. Wallace is the author of 19 children's books and a new Adult/Young Adult fantasy series, The Wolves of Llise, published by Harper Collins, UK. She reviews Young Adult literature for VOYA magazine and  continues in her position as Youth Services Coordinator at Ellwood City Public Library.

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Leea Baltes

Leea Baltes has a passion for creative design and writing that began at a very young age. She is an award-winning artist in various fields, including fine art paintings, photography, costume design, and one-of-a-kind miniatures. Leea grew up in Beaver County and now enjoys being creative in her Maryland studio.

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Cori Nicole Smith

Cori Nicole Smith Wamsley is the author of six fiction books, as well as a book editor, writing coach, speaker, and the executive editor of Inspiring Lives Magazine. Cori grew up in Bridgeport, W.V., and lives in Washington, Pa., with her husband and two daughters. Find out more about her [...]

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Beth Bishop and Brayden Wilmoth

Beth Bishop and Brayden Wilmoth are co-authors and co-illustrators of their inspiring children's book, Finding Ella's Colors. Beth teaches second grade at Blackhawk School District. They are passionate about helping children and families overcome adversity, process grief, and support those around them to do the same. Gray times don't last forever!

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C.S. McDonald

It all began with an ornery pony named George, and a desire to write beautifully illustrated books for her grandchildren. Now C.S. McDonald has four children's books and a cozy mystery series too—the Fiona Quinn Mysteries. Ms. McDonald resides on her horse farm in Hookstown, Pa.

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Chrysa Smith

Chrysa is a longtime feature magazine writer and children's author. While writing adult nonfiction from home, one day it occured to her: Her poodles had a secret life—well, secret to her. She began watching them and discovered how funny their antics and personality traits were. And so it began. Chrysa lives in [...]

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Chris McClean

Chris McClean is a graphic designer and short-story writer from Philadelphia. He created the CrimeFighters: Defenders of Justice, which is a diverse group of superheroes that work together to fight crime. Chris has spent years in law-enforcement, and one of his goals is to rebuild the gap between law enforcement [...]

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Nathan Lindner

Nathan Lindner is from Chippewa.  He is the author of The Purple Princess and The Rainbow Princess.  The Purple Princess is about Princess Sadie, who knows exactly what she wants for her birthday. The Rainbow Princess is about a princess who never can decide her favorite thing.  Both books will be available at the Beaver [...]

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Trent Bashline

Trent is an elementary school counselor from Erie, Pa. He has written two children's books. How Jake and Daisy Stopped Bullying at Dogwood Elementary is about empowering bystanders in bullying situations.  Follow Jake and Daisy to the Top is about helping students at school who have attention problems.  Both books can be [...]

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Linda Lamneck Medwig

Linda Medwig is a former preschool and kindergarten teacher, sales rep for Innisbrook Wraps, tutor, and now a first-time author. She graduated from West Liberty University in 1975. Linda's idea for a dream book came forty years ago while taking a children's literature class. Her mother, an artist,  did the [...]

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Susan Kimmel Wright

Susan Kimmel Wright is the author of three mystery novels for ages 10-14, as well as many personal experience stories published in various anthologies, including 17 Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Most recent titles include Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Spirit of America; My Very Good, Very Bad [...]

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Susan Reith Swan

Susan Reith Swan is a children's writer and former children's magazine editor who has written for newspapers, devotionals, anthologies, and Chicken Soup for the Soul books. She prefers seeing the world with a child-like "sense of wonder" and works hard to help others reconnect with their own ability to view life with [...]

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Patty Luhovey

Patty Luhovey is a first-time author.  Life in the Meadow with Madie: Mr. Earl's Missing Eyeglasses is the first in a series she hopes to continue.

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Anne M. Slanina

Internationally known for her Annie Mouse’s Route 66 Adventure: A Photo Journal and as the author of The Adventures of Annie Mouse series, Anne is a also a professor at SRU. She enjoys her grandchildren, traveling Route 66, playing dulcimers, and weaving her experiences into Annie Mouse stories.

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C.L. Lowry

C.L Lowry is a writer and graphic designer. He spent over five years in law enforcement and uses his experience to demand his readers’ attention. Lowry was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. His debut book won Best Anthologies at the 2016 New York Book Festival. Lowry also writes children’s [...]

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Frederic S. Durbin

Frederic S. Durbin's latest novel, A Green and Ancient Light, has been released this summer from Simon & Schuster's Saga Press. A native of rural central Illinois, he spent over twenty years as an ESL and writing teacher at Niigata University in Japan. He works as a learning facilitator at [...]

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C.S. McDonald

It all began with an ornery pony named George, and a desire to write beautifully illustrated books for her grandchildren. Now C.S. McDonald has four children’s books and a new cozy mystery series too—The Fiona Quinn Mysteries. Ms. McDonald resides on her horse farm in Hookstown, Pa.

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Cori Wamsley

Cori Nicole Smith Wamsley authored a magical middle grade mystery-fantasy series, Martina Mackenzie; a novel that takes a humorous look at obsessive editing, Confessions of the Editor Brigand; and a self-illustrated children’s epic poem about a brave but clumsy knight, The Knight and the Ninjas.

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