Beaver County BookFest 2018

BookFest 2018 Vendors

Contemporary Art by Gaby Noye

Gaby Smith Noye is a contemporary painter newly based in Rochester, Pa. Her color and texture-infused abstract style is inspired by themes from Eastern religion and philosophy, Feng Shui, and nature. Her earlier works have been exhibited in British Columbia and Pittsburgh.

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Curbside Cocina

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Janet Shaddick says, “I taught first grade for 36 years. In my retirement, I’m trying to make amends for a lifelong bad habit of folding page corners. I’m trying to SAVE THE PAGES! In my free time I make and sell inexpensive, embellished bookmarkers that slide on the top corner of a book page, marking the pause in a good read. Just a simple thing to keep the books happy!”

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Sophia’s Studio Used Books

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The Giving Girls

Gianna and Antonella began by sending holiday packages to soldiers, celebrated law enforcement appreciation day with three local police departments, donated to the local humane society, and started a free food pantry at the Beaver County YMCA. Now they are partnering with the Adoption Connection to have a Christmas Party for adopted and foster children!

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eQuip Books

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Wim Wetzel, a 1966 graduate of Beaver Senior High School, will be signing his book, Empty Open Hand: A Survivor’s Story, and selling his metal art. His book details his family’s immigration to Beaver County in 1956 and describes his parent’s 4-year imprisonment in Japanese POW camps during WWII in Indonesia and how they ultimately made their way to America. During his 24-year career Wim obtained several college degrees, culminating in a PhD in Business Administration.  He is a certified FAA Single and Multi-Engine Instrument Flight Instructor, is certified as a Senior Human Resources Professional (SPHR) and filled senior leadership and management positions at Hughes Training Inc., Raytheon Training Inc., Citizens Communications and NEC Corporation. Many know the Wetzel family because of the Karate schools created by their father, Willy J.C. Wetzel, who brought the first publicly advertised and managed Kung Fu school to America.  Before this, Karate schools were only found in secret and behind closed doors and not advertised in public.

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Usborne Books & More

Usborne Books & More offers a line of fun, interactive, award winning books. We will have lots of great titles for infants through young adult from two fabulous publishers, Usborne and Kane Miller. Stop by our booth to let your kids do a free coloring activity and find out how you can earn free books!

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My November Guest Books

Sam Allen is a writer and retired librarian who tries his best to maintain the flame of hope and knowledge by finding good homes for orphaned books. His one man show, “Fire and Ice: The World of Robert Frost” has been well received at venues throughout the mid-Atlantic region and across Ohio.

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BatCat Press

BatCat Press is a small literary publishing company run by the students of Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School.

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The Big Sno

The Big Sno is delicious gourmet shaved ice! We will be located in the Vollmer’s parking lot, across from the Beaver YMCA. Stop by and enjoy one of our amazing flavors—you can even make your own combination!

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Novel Breads Co.

Novel Breads Co. is an artisan bread microbakery featuring unique breads made with local ingredients and often inspired by literature.

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E&G Designs

E&G Designs specializes in creating farmhouse-inspired signs, home décor, and seasonal décor. Every piece is a unique design that is hand-painted and handcrafted to create the perfect finishing touch in your home.

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Are you a local vendor?

Register for Beaver County BookFest 2018


Registration deadline is 8-4-18.

Questions? Contact Linda Au.


Q: How much space will I have?
A: Approximately 10 ft. x 10 ft. Participants will be provided with one (1) 8 ft. long table and one (1) chair. Also, one author = one space/application. Co-authors of the same book may share the same space, but otherwise, each author must reserve his or her own space.

Q: How many books should I bring?
A: Although we cannot guarantee sales, many authors sell anywhere from 10-20 books during the festival. A safe number would be 25.

Q: What besides books should I bring?
A: Since one of the main objectives of BookFest is to help our authors promote themselves, we encourage you to bring business cards, flyers, free giveaways, etc…anything that can help you make connections and build an audience.  Since we will be refunding a registration fee for the author with the best decorated table, you should also bring whatever you need to make your space as pleasing to the eye as possible. And don’t forget to bring a chair, too.

Q: How many people attend the festival?
A: On average anywhere from 2,000-4,000, depending on the weather.

Q: Do I have to provide my own tent?
A: No. Authors are set up inside our Author Tent, which is a large, circus-type tent with sidewalls to protect you and your books/marketing materials from the weather.

Q: How much promotion does the BookFest Committee do?
A: Although we do our best to promote the festival through social media, press releases, paid advertisements, flyers, and outdoor advertising, we highly encourage the participating authors to promote the festival as much as possible through their own channels.

Q: Will food and/or water be provided?
A: Although we are not able to supply food and/or water to our participants, representatives from our local restaurants will be coming around to take your lunch order if you are interested. Otherwise, please remember to bring along food, water, and snacks for the day.