What is loose leaf book on amazon


What does loose leaf mean on Amazon?

If you buy a book from Amazon, Half.com, or Barnes and Noble, it could be super cheap because it is a “loose leaf” book format. This means that you’ll be getting the pages of the book, which you will be responsible for putting into a binder (or three) to cart to class.

What does a loose leaf book mean?

adjective. (of a book, notebook, etc.) consisting of individual leaves held in a binder (loose-leaf binder ), as by rings that open and close, in such a way as to allow their removal, return, or replacement without tearing. of or for use with a loose-leaf binder:loose-leaf paper.

Does Amazon buy back loose leaf textbooks?

Buyback programs do not accept loose leaf books that are not in their original, new shrinkwrap. That is why it was rejected even though the reason was different when you got it back. I guess you could sell it yourself on Amazon as Used – Good or Very Good.

What do you put in a loose leaf textbook?

Remove the loose leaf textbook pages from the binder and secure them with a large rubber band, clip, and even saran wrap. Wrapping your loose leaf textbook in saran wrap is actually the most effective and secure way to mail in your loose leaf book. It keeps the pages together very well during shipment.

Should I buy a loose leaf textbook?

Loose leaf editions have their advantages and disadvantages comparing to other editions, and you might want to consider them before purchasing such book: Pros: 1. They are usually cheaper than hardcovers, and no wonder: a simple stack of paper is much easier to produce.

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What does LL mean for textbooks?

Lower Level

Why is paper called loose leaf?

“Loose leaf” describes any kind of paper or book that is available in single sheets, unbound. Its “leaves”, or sheets, are “loose” and not bound in notebook or book form. … A punched sheet of paper can be inserted into a ring binder, removed for separate use, and then returned to the binder.

How do you hold loose leaf books together?

One final idea is to bind the book using binding post screws or brads (available at office supply stores). Make a cover for your book with two pieces of cardboard (possibly from the backs of old notebooks), hole-punch, place your pages inside, and then bind the whole thing with screws or brads. These work wonderfully.

Where can I buy a loose leaf book bound?

Binder Rings, Book Covers & Loose Leaf Rings at Office Depot OfficeMax.

Can you sell a book to Chegg?

Chegg does offer an option to donate low or no-value books. … If a book does get rejected, you have the option to pay for it to be shipped back to you within 14 days. Bottom Line: For popular textbooks — especially hardback books — Chegg tends to offer more bang for your buck than the campus bookstore.6 мая 2016 г.

Can I sell back loose leaf textbooks?

Yes, sellbackyourBook.com buys loose leaf textbooks – not only can you sell loose leaf editions to sellbackyourBook.com you can also sell back textbooks. … With loose leaf edition textbooks, you MUST HAVE the front or back page that contained the original publisher barcode.

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Does Staples bind loose leaf textbooks?

Go to the copy center at Staples and ask for it to be bound. If the book won’t fit within the cover, ask if they can trim the excess off the inside margin (the max Coverbind was 8 1/2x 11″ at my Staples). …

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