What do you do with an idea


What do you do with an idea gift set?

Inside this charming keepsake box you’ll find the New York Times best-selling book What Do You Do With an Idea? and a miniature companion Idea plush. Let this enchanting gift set encourage anyone, at any age, who’s ever had an idea to embrace big thinking and bright dreams. A perfect gift for kids and adults alike.

What do ideas become?

What do ideas become? Big things, brave things, smart things, good things. Things like stories, artwork, journeys, inventions, communities, products, and cures. Everything you see around you was once an idea.

What do authors do read aloud?

A sprightly text and colorful illustrations follow two creative people — and a talkative dog and cat — through the writing process step by step, from the inspiration for a story to the satisfaction of sharing the book with readers.

What do you do with an idea book publisher?

Compendium Kids

What do you do with a chance publisher?

Product DetailsISBN-13:9781943200733Publisher:Compendium, Incorporated, Publishing & CommunicationsPublication date:12/26/2017Pages:44Sales rank:25,858

Where is Kobi Yamada from?

Seattle -based author Kobi Yamada and illustrator Mae Besom, Sichuan, China, have won a Christopher Award for “What Do You Do With a Problem?” (Compendium).

Where do authors work?

Writers and authors may work anywhere they have access to a computer. Jobs are somewhat concentrated in major media and entertainment markets—California, New York, Texas, and Washington, DC—but improved communications and Internet capabilities allow writers and authors to work from almost anywhere.

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