What am i here for book


What an earth am I here for?

A #1 New York Times bestseller, The Purpose Driven Life will help you understand why you are alive and reveal God’s amazing plan for you both here and now, and for eternity.

What is my purpose on earth book?

The Purpose Driven Life is a bible study book written by Christian pastor Rick Warren and published by Zondervan in 2002. The book offers readers a 40-day personal spiritual journey and presents what Warren says are God’s five purposes for human life on Earth.

How many pages is The Purpose Driven Life?


How do you attain Purpose Driven Life?

10 Simple Steps To Living A Purpose Driven Life

  1. Direct Focus On One Thing. …
  2. Treat Yourself With Self-Compassion. …
  3. Practice Self-Awareness. …
  4. Be Present In the Now. …
  5. Show Up To Life With Passion. …
  6. Live A Purpose-Driven Life. …
  7. Learn to Give and Receive. …
  8. Listen To Understand.

What is my life’s purpose?

Your life purpose consists of the central motivating aims of your life—the reasons you get up in the morning. Purpose can guide life decisions, influence behavior, shape goals, offer a sense of direction, and create meaning. For some people, purpose is connected to vocation—meaningful, satisfying work.

How do I discover my purpose?

Here are six ways to overcome isolation and discover your purpose in life.

  1. Read. …
  2. Turn hurts into healing for others. …
  3. Cultivate awe, gratitude, and altruism. …
  4. Listen to what other people appreciate about you. …
  5. Find and build community. …
  6. Tell your story.
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What is the best selling book after the Bible?

He found that the Bible far outsold any other book, with a whopping 3.9 billion copies sold over the last 50 years. “Quotations from the Works of Mao Tse-tung” came in second with 820 million copies sold, and “Harry Potter” came in third with 400 million copies sold.

What on earth am I here quotes?

― Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth am I Here for? “If not to God, you will surrender to the opinions or expectations of others, to money, to resentment, to fear, or to your own pride, lusts, or ego.

Who wrote The Purpose Driven Life?

Rick Warren

How many copies has Purpose Driven Life sold?

12 million copies

What is purpose driven?

A purpose-driven company stands for and takes action on something bigger than its products and services. Purpose can be an organizational strategy and a roadmap to remain competitive in a fast-changing economy. According to PwC, 79 percent of business leaders believe that purpose is central to success.

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