Readers ask: How can you get birth control pills?

Is it possible to get birth control pills over the counter?

Over-the-counter ( OTC ) birth control options were minimal and hard to find. Now, the birth control section in stores is easy to find, and there’s a much larger variety of options available. Most drugstores and grocery stores such as Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart offer OTC birth control in stores or online.

Can I get birth control pills at CVS?

* Birth control care is available to patients over 18 years of age (age 19 in some states). MinuteClinic practitioners can see women who are interested in starting birth control or changing their present method of contraception to develop a customized plan.

Can you get birth control on your own?

In most states, teens are allowed to get birth control without their parents’ permission at their nearest Planned Parenthood health center or from their regular doctor or nurse.

Can I get birth control without my parents knowing?

Yes. You do not need permission from a parent or guardian to get birth control. In fact, it is unethical and illegal for clinic workers or health care providers to tell your parents /guardians you were even at the clinic. The agreement to keep your visit private is called a confidentiality agreement.

How much does birth control pills cost?

The Pill usually costs between $0 –$50 a month, depending on the type. Many health and family planning clinics (such as Planned Parenthood) sell birth control pills for less. And birth control pills and doctor visits are covered by many health insurance plans.

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Where can I get birth control for free?

There are nine ways to get discounts or free birth control. SingleCare. Go generic. Request a 90-day supply. Health insurance. Medicaid. 340B health care organizations. Planned Parenthood clinics. Community or public health centers.

Can I get an abortion pill at CVS?

No, there isn’t an abortion pill that you can get over-the-counter. You can get the abortion pill from some doctors’ offices, abortion clinics, and many Planned Parenthood health centers.

How can I get birth control without a test?

Planned Parenthood clinicians may prescribe hormonal methods of birth control without requiring a pelvic exam. We call this service HOPE, short for Hormonal Option without Pelvic Exam. Many women qualify.

Can you get birth control without a doctor?

You can get birth control without going to the doctor by speaking to a doctor online instead. To get a birth control prescription from the comfort of your home book an online appointment. The online doctor will electronically send your prescription to your pharmacy where you can go pick it up.

Does birth control stop your period?

Taking birth control pills is an effective wayto prevent pregnancy and treat many medical conditions. Since the pill works by introducing different hormones into your system, it can affect your menstrual cycle. Some women may have lighter bleeding, and others may skip their periods entirely.

Can you get the pill under 16 without parents?

If you are under 16, a doctor is allowed to tell your parents about your visit. But if you are between 14 and 16, the doctor cannot tell your parents about the visit if you ask them not to. It is legal to prescribe the pill to most young women, without their parents ‘ consent.

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What is the best birth control for a 17 year old?

The Best Bet: IUDs and Implants Intrauterine devices ( IUDs ) and implants are known as long-acting, reversible contraceptives. Doctors often prescribe them first.

What is the age limit for Planned Parenthood?

All services you receive at PPHP always are kept confidential. If I’m under 21, can I still apply on my own? Yes. Anyone under 21 years old can apply for this program on their own.

What is the best age to start birth control?

Q: What age is the “right age” to start birth control? A: Age 16 tends to the most common age to start birth control as it allows a young woman to be established in her cycle before potentially disrupting it.

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