How many words in the book of mormon


How long is the Book of Mormon?

2 hours and 35 minutes

How many pages is the Book of Mormon?

238 pages

How many times does it say repent in the Book of Mormon?

Some version of the word “repent” appears 360 times in the Book of Mormon. In comparison, in the King James Version of the Bible, the word appears 46 times in the the Old Testament and 66 times in the New Testament. Clearly, repentance is a major theme in the Book of Mormon.

How long did it take Joseph Smith to translate the Book of Mormon?

approximately 65 days

Why is the Book of Mormon not in the Bible?

The bible is absolute spiritual truth and the word of life, which God has given man. … The Book of Mormon is NOT from God (just like the Mormon Doctrine and Covenants also isn’t). Shockingly, the. The bible is absolute spiritual truth and the word of life, which God has given man.

Who do Mormons worship?

Mormons, though honoring Joseph Smith as the first prophet in modern times, see him as just one in a long line of prophets, with Jesus Christ being the premier figure of the religion.

Is Book of Mormon true?

The dominant and widely accepted view among Latter Day Saints is that the Book of Mormon is a true and accurate account of these ancient American civilizations whose religious history it documents.

Who really wrote the Book of Mormon?

Joseph Smith

What Bible do Mormons use?

The Holy Bible

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Mormons use the Authorised King James Version of the Bible.

What are the four steps of repentance?

The first is responsibility: We must recognize that we have done wrong. The second is regret: We must have true remorse for doing wrong and for the pain and problems we’ve caused. The third is resolve: We must be committed never to repeat the act regardless of the temptations or situation.10 мая 1998 г.

How do you repent?


  1. Forgive yourself. …
  2. Remember there is no limit on forgiveness. …
  3. Change your environment. …
  4. Know one thing that because of our sins Jesus was wounded, beaten because of the evil we did. …
  5. Realize you are the only one who can change yourself (put on the armor of God). …
  6. Believe things will change.

How do you pray for repentance?


My loving God, I admit that I am a sinner! I am sorry for everything that I have done wrong. Today, I repent of those sins, and I ask for your forgiveness. Please fill me with your Holy Spirit to always obey your instructions.

When did Joseph Smith die?

June 27, 1844

What order was the Book of Mormon translated?

Many readers of the Book of Mormon naturally assume that Joseph Smith translated its books in the order that we find them today, that is, beginning with the Title Page, and then translating 1 Nephi 1:1 through Moroni 10:34.

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