How many treasures have been found from the book the secret


How many puzzles have been solved from the book The Secret?

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The key to finding each casque was to match one of the paintings in the book to one of the verses in the book, solve the resulting riddle, and start digging. Since 1982, only two of the twelve casques have been recovered.

How do you find the hidden treasure?

With that definition in mind, here are some of the many ways you can go treasure hunting.

  1. Look for Hotel Room Treasures.
  2. Find the Lost Dutchman’s Mine.
  3. Prospect at Yard Sales.
  4. Go Beachcombing.
  5. Search Your Home.
  6. Watch for Buried Treasures.
  7. Go Dumpster Diving.
  8. Try Panning for Gold.

What is the most treasure ever found?

10 of the Most Valuable Treasure Troves Ever Found

  1. Staffordshire Hoard – 2009 | Value: $4.1 Million. …
  2. The Le Catillon II Hoard – 2012 | Value: Over 10 Million Pounds. …
  3. St. …
  4. Hoxne Hoard – 1992 | Value: $3.8 Million. …
  5. The Cuerdale Hoard – 1840 | Value: $3.2 Million. …
  6. Środa Treasure – 1885 – 1888 | Value: $120 Million. …
  7. Caesarea Sunken Treasure – 2015 | Value: Priceless.

Where was the secret treasure found in Cleveland?

Greek Cultural Gardens

Was the golden owl ever found?

The Golden Owl or ‘La chouette d’or’

Unfortunately, since the book’s publication in 1993, the owl’s location has never been uncovered. The only one knowledgeable was Hauser himself and since his tragic death in April 2009, the golden owl has remained more mysterious than ever.

Was the golden hare ever found?

But when the golden hare was finally unearthed, three years later in a park in Bedfordshire, the story was far from over. The scandal behind its discovery shocked fans around the world, and turned Williams into a recluse. Ironically, it was a story that could have come out of a work of fiction.

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Where did Old Timers hide their money?

In the wall – in a lot of the old homes people had gone to great lengths to hide their valuables, and folks would cut holes in their wall in order to secure coins or cash. Here is a great DIY video on how to make a money hiding spot inside your own wall.

Is there any real treasures unfound?

Some of these treasures are now likely destroyed — most scholars believe the Ark of the Covenant is long gone — but some may still exist and be recovered — such as the crown jewels of Ireland, a 333-carat pink diamond and mysterious treasure depicted in a Dead Sea Scroll.

Where can I dig for treasure?

Where to Dig for Buried Treasure in the United States

  • Hiddenite, North Carolina. Nestled in the hills of North Carolina, the Emerald Hollow Mine is the destination for thousands of gems seekers each year. …
  • Murfreesboro, Arkansas. …
  • Deming, New Mexico. …
  • Devil Hills, South Dakota. …
  • Central Florida Coast Photo by Flickr user David Dawson Photography.

Who is the richest treasure hunter?

Tommy G. Thompson

What is the greatest treasure never found?

So, here are some most valuable and extensive treasure troves that are yet to be come on limelight.

  • Lost Treasure of Flor de la Mar. …
  • Sunken 1715 Spanish fleet. …
  • Buried treasure on Coco’s Island. …
  • The Coast Of Key West, USA. …
  • Disappeared Nazi Gold Train. …
  • Awa Maru treasure. …
  • Forest Fenn’s Treasure. …
  • Bighorn River, Montana.
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How much gold is lost in the ocean?

$771 Trillion Worth Of Gold Lies Hidden In The Ocean: Good Luck Getting It.

Which secret treasures have been found?

The first was found in Chicago, Illinois; the second in Cleveland, Ohio; and the most recent treasure box was found in Boston, Massachusetts. The remaining nine treasure boxes have not yet been recovered.

How many of the 12 treasures have been found?

“The Secret: A Treasure Hunt” was originally published in 1982 by Byron Preiss during a trend of “armchair treasure hunts.” The book set off a hunt for 12 ceramic casques hidden in 12 North American parks that has lasted 36 years, though only two have been found so far.

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