How can you forward a text message?

How do you forward a text message to someone else?

Foward a text message to someone else The first, and obvious, thing to do is to find the text message that you want to forward. Then you just tap and hold on that message showing on your phone’s display. Once the message is selected, tap on the three vertical dots icon at the top right. Then tap on “ Forward.”

Can I forward text messages to another phone automatically?

Settings. Under Messages, turn on the forwarding you want: Forward messages to linked numbers—Tap, and then next to the linked number, check the box. Forward messages to email—Sends text messages to your email.

How do I forward text messages to another Iphone?

Forward older text messages Touch and hold the message bubble that you want to forward, then tap More. Select any other text messages that you want to forward. Tap Forward and enter a recipient. Tap Send.

How do I forward a text message from this phone?

Open the texting app you usually use and tap on the conversation that includes the text message (s) you’re trying to forward. 2. Tap and hold one of the text messages that you want to forward. When a menu pops up, tap on ” Forward Message.”

How do I forward a text to 7726?

To report a spam text forward the text to 7726. An easy way to remember ‘ 7726 ‘ is that they are the numbers on your telephone keypad that spell out the word ‘SPAM’.

Can you forward a text to email?

Using an Android to send your text messages to an email box is simple and only requires a few steps. Open your messaging app and select the conversation you want to send to email. Tap and hold the message until the options menu appears. Choose your email app and fill in the recipient info and tap the Send arrow.

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Can you forward text messages like call forwarding?

No, Call Forwarding won’t forward text messages you receive on your mobile phone, only calls.

How can I send all my text messages to another phone?

Open the app on both phones. On the main screen, tap the “ Transfer ” button. A new box will open with the details of how transferring works—in a nutshell, it sends the info over Wi-Fi. Select the appropriate option on each phone: “ Send from this phone ” on the old handset, “Receive on this phone ” on the new one.

How do I forward text messages secretly?

There are plenty of apps and programs available to spy — er, monitor someone’s activities, and there’s another Android app to add to the mix. Secret SMS Replicator, after being installed on a mobile phone, will forward all text messages sent from a phone to another number without the owner’s knowledge.

How can I get my husbands text messages sent to my iPhone?

Question: Q: Getting my wifes text messages on my phone On one of the phones go to Settings> Messages > Send & Receive, tap the ID, sign out, then sign back in with a different ID. On both phones go to Settings> Messages > Send & Receive and uncheck the email address(es) shown under “You can be reached by iMessage at”.

Does iPhone 7 have text message forwarding?

On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. Add a check to both your phone number and email address. Then go to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding and enable the device or devices that you want to forward messages to. Look for a code on the Mac, iPad, or iPod touch that you enabled.

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How do you forward spam texts on iPhone?

Report spam or junk in the Messages app Tap Report Junk, then tap Delete and Report Junk. Messages will forward the sender’s information and the message to Apple, as well as delete the message from your device.

How do I divert calls and texts to another number?

How do I set up call divert on my mobile? Press ** Enter one of these codes: 21 to divert all calls. 61 to divert calls you don’t answer within 15 seconds. 62 to divert calls when your phone is switched off. Press the * key again. Enter the phone number you want to divert calls to replacing the 0 with +44. Press the # key and then press send / dial.

Can I save a text thread?

Detailed Steps to save text messages – Android Open Gmail and enable IMAP. Install and launch SMS Backup+. With your Gmail account connected choose “Backup” in SMS Backup+. When the backup completes you will now have copies of your important text messages saved forever!

How do I forward a text message on Samsung?

Tap and hold your finger on the message you wish to forward. A “ Message options” menu will appear. Tap “ Forward “. A screen will appear where you can send the message to a new recipient Tap the contacts icon on the right side or enter the phone number in the “Recipient” field.

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